Are You Having Trouble Finding Your Balance Between “Should” and “Want”?

Are You Having Trouble Getting Fit & Staying Fit?

Do You Know What’s Holding You Back?

Are You Struggling?

Do You Need Accountability?

Do You Need a Personal Touch?

Do You Need Less Questions?

Avoid Obstacles | Live Fit Coaching


If So, Then
Live Fit Health Coaching
is for You


 Stop Struggling and Start Living

Life Can Be Great – You Can Be Great

You Will Love the New You

Life-Long Habits Are Hard to Change

 But, You Don’t Need To Do It Alone


Live Fit Coaching


Live Fit Health Coaching Will Guide You to Success

 Remote Health Coaching uses Email, Text, and Phone

To Give You Guidance, Motivation, & Accountability



Live Fit Health Coaching

Focuses On YOUR Overall
Health and Happiness. 

We succeed when you do. 

We will hold you accountable. 

We will motivate, brainstorm, guide, and help you all the way. 

It’s a Win Win.

Live Fit Health Coaching

For Optimum Health & Success

 “I’m honored to have taken your mac fit class and I’m now 56 lbs lighter and healthier. Thank you I learned to be patience from you.  You also taught me never give up keep pushing forward. Thank you.”  ~Claire C.

Personal Attention

We realize that there are many contributing factors that lead to a person’s health.

With Live Fit Health Coaching we work with you individually to discover what you can do to be in the best shape of your life.

Finding and changing these issues is not easy, but Live Fit Coaching has already helped hundreds of people gently shift their poor health behaviors into good and sustainable lifestyle habits, once and for all.

We help people stay on track, find their issues, and remove them, so they can Live their Life Healthy, Fit & Free.


windy road | Live Fit Coaching

Don’t Get Lost on the Road to Change


“When I started the program I felt my age of 77, now I don’t. I feel much younger, and strong and capable. I can walk the Fairmont loop, and much quicker than I ever have. LF is great. Years ago Weight Watchers set a weight goal for me and I was never able to reach it, now I weigh much less and I continue to lose little by little.”
~ Olivia F.   

You Are a Whole Person

Live Fit Treats You As A Whole-Person

for Permanent Fat Loss, Fitness, and Good Health

For Life



Holistic Weight Loss Makes Sure You Are Making Balanced,
Sustainable Changes for a Lifetime of Good Health and Happiness.

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Live Fit Health Coaching 



Do you have a program you like, but “fall off the wagon”?

Is it difficult to get started again?

Are you a great starter, but tend to drift when your routine becomes too routine?

Do you do well when you have a buddy working along side you (but don’t currently have one?)

Then you need an accountability coach.




Is Remote Health Coaching Right For You ?



Good For People Who:

  • Want follow up to a Live Fit weight loss program.
  • Respond better to one-on-one communication.
  • Want a more personal touch.
  • Have difficult life situations that require creative solutions.
  • Need accountability
  • Don't want to fail.
  • Want to take it to the next level.

This Program Will:

  • Allow you to fine tune your nutrition and physical activity to meet your lifestyle and achieve optimal health.
  • Help you dig deeper to find what works for you.
  • Help you eliminate the obstacles blocking your success.
  • Help you stay motivated when you would normally drift.


This Program Includes:

  • Initial consultation Telephone coaching call with Glenn (up to 1 hour) with phone coaching.
  • Weekly telephone calls for (up to) 15 minutes with phone coaching.
  • Email and/or text messages each week with follow up and reminders.
  • An experienced coach to answer your questions and give realistic advice.
  • Help with goal setting, and follow through.
  • Weekly challenges to gradually shape your behaviors.
  • Accountability of your actions.
  • Ideas, tips, tricks, and advice.


“I still do my best to stay fit. I’m doing a boot camp class every Monday. I still think about the Live Fit class often. When my weight starts creeping up, I go back to the Food Journal for several weeks. I’m sure I’ll be applying the “working out without a gym” principals when I no longer have access to the workout facilities here after I retire next week.”
~Ed T.  


Live Fit for Life – Health Coaching


Online Health Coaching
per month
  • Your personal and dedicated accountability partner
  • Free initial online consultation
  • Multiple Email/Text per week
  • Motivation
  • Constructive feedback
  • Troubleshooting
  • Strategy


Anyone can join Live Fit Health Coaching.

Live Fit is for anybody who wants to improve their health, fitness or relationship with food and exercise.

As long as you have a desire, and the will to make changes to improve, then you are a good candidate.

Live Fit will help you learn to eat and exercise intuitively.




Questions or Comments about Live Fit Health Coaching?

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