Live Fit Classic - 9 week online weight loss

Live Fit Classic Will Give YOU The Power To Take Control of Your Body – for Life

What is Live Fit Classic?

– Proven and Effective Online Weight Loss Program –

– Uses a Whole-Person Approach to Weight Loss –

– Personal Attention and Holistic Focus –

– Provides a Sense of Confidence, Comfort, & Freedom –

– We Use Nutritional Balance to Control the Hormones That Cause Weight Problems 

“Glenn is knowledgeable, motivating, fun and simply a joy to work with. He has done everything we have asked of him and more. When we asked for suggestions of future work out and weight loss planning he suggested less than what we planned! Just an all around great person!
Thank you Glenn! ”
~ Anna V.

Is Live Fit Classic Right for You?

Good For People Who

    • Are interested in nutrition
    • Have had enough messing around with diets
    • Are ready for the next step
    • Want to lose excess body fat
    • Want control over their eating
    • Can follow a recipe
    • Love food
    • Have some exercise background
    • Work well on their own and have experience exercising
    • Are sick of dieting and want real change – permanently.

This Program Will

    • Give you back control of your eating – even at restaurants, parties and holidays
    • Give you the power to manage your fat storage and fat burning ability
    • Put you in charge of your body
    • Instill you with confidence and power
    • Give you a weekly workout program – that does not require a gym membership
    • Help you reshape the bad habits that are holding you down

This Program Includes

    • Pre- and post fitness assessments (self administered) to help you track your progress.
    • Weekly challenges (to keep you focused).
    • Weekly email coaching and accountability (to help eliminate boundaries).
    • Online weight loss on your schedule, on your terms.
    • The Live Fit Pillars of 3 System for Good Health



Live Fit Classic Uses The Pillars of 3 System for Good Health


Balanced Nutrition

    • Cleanse/reset
    • Restaurants
    • Holidays and vacations
    • Food journals
    • Macronutrients (carbs, protein, and fat)
    • Portion control
    • Food labels and ingredients

Smart Exercise

    • At home
    • In a gym
    • Resistance training: body weight, free weight, cables, elastic
    • Functional training
    • Cardiorespiratory
    • Intervals
    • Circuit training

Behavior Replacement Strategy

    • Stress
    • Sleep
    • Weight management
    • Mindfulness

“I’m definitely stronger. All this guidance you’ve given me really has given me a lot of joy to my life. Thank you. I know I say it all the time but I can’t say it enough! ”
~Lisa S.

This Online Weight Loss Program Includes the Following

    • Instant Access
    • Pre & Post Assessment
    • Weekly Email
    • Motivation & Accountability
    • Weekly Challenges
    • The 3 Pillars of Good Health
    • Balanced Nutrition
    • Smart, Functional Exercise Plan
    • Habit Replacement Strategy
    • Weekly Coaching





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