diseases being treated by marijuana

7 Diseases that are Being Treated with Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has recently garnered the attention of scientists and physicians around the world for its potential to treat several chronic diseases and [...]
healthy habits for children

How to Develop Healthy Lifestyle Habits in Your Children

People learn new things and adopt habits throughout their lives, but let’s face it, the most things we have learned so far was in our childhood. These [...]
foods for sleep

What Foods Should You Be Eating for Better Sleep?

  The choices we make in the kitchen can affect many different aspects of our lives: weight, health, even sleep. The physical and mental health impacts [...]
herb to help detoxify

8 Herbs That Can Help You Detoxify

It is almost the end of the year and the perfect time to detox your body of the toxins. Get rid of the waste and heaviness that might be bogging you down [...]
oral care and weight loss

The Connection between Oral Care and Weight Loss

If you are like many people, chances are that you are always looking for ways to lose weight. What you may not realize is that there is a link between [...]
lifestyle change

Are You New To A Lifestyle Change? Here’s What To Consider

Whether you decided at some point this year that you wanted to take on a lifestyle change, whether it was a health scare that made you do it or a need to have [...]

Boost Your Weight Loss With These Quick And Easy Tips

Intro Effortless weight loss is the ultimate conundrum of our era. Because of this, the diet industry is wildly profitable and monetarily successful. However, [...]
The Drink Battle

The Drink Battle – Which is Healthiest?

This Sweet Drink Comparison will surprise you. Sugar is the new smoking. Sugar is everywhere. Many say it is responsible for the obesity epidemic. Others [...]

5 Ways to Help Prevent Sporting Injuries

Sports are a great way to stay in shape while enjoying the spirits of teamwork and competition. However, they can also be dangerous if you don’t take the [...]
stop neglecting

It’s Time To Stop Neglecting These Parts Of Your Workout!

There are a lot of conflicting opinions floating around when it comes to what the most important parts of your workout are. Some people will tell you to focus [...]
habits for health

Habits For Health!

It isn't always easy to develop healthy behaviors, is it? We know that we want to do one thing but our body or our mind complain, and we end up doing the exact [...]
weightloss with fitness trackers

Weight loss through fitness trackers – Is it trustworthy and how you can lose weight by counting calories

  Fitness trackers have become a necessity for anyone wanting to cut calories as their form of losing weight.  The databases behind these trackers [...]
How to Increase Productivity at Work with Nootropic Drugs?

How to Increase Productivity at Work with Nootropic Drugs?

Are you thinking of how to increase your productivity at work? Here are a few steps to help you increase your productivity at work and stay very [...]
Some Of The Best Anti Inflammatory Herbs

The Best Anti Inflammatory Herbs

Some Of The Best Anti Inflammatory Herbs Inflammation contributes to various types of chronic based pain that includes various types of back and rib pain, [...]
don't hurt yourself

Don’t Hurt Yourself! Three Exercises You Might Be Doing Totally Wrong

Do you ever feel like you've hit a wall in your workout? As if you're working as hard as you can and it just doesn't seem to be having any effect at all? [...]

Set Clear Goals. Working Out Which Exercise Suits You

We all know how beneficial exercise can be. Whether it’s physical or mental well being we’re after, exercise has got it all. Why, then, do we find it so [...]
mental health

5 Mental Health Benefits of Fitness

Mental health is often compromised by a lot of people, thinking that nutrition is enough to keep the brain working and cognitive decline is inevitable [...]
good posture for good health

Top 3 posture exercises to get better posture in 2 weeks

    What exactly is posture? Posture basically means correct alignment of body and positioning of all body parts to keep a balance with the [...]
butter coffee | Live Fit Lean

Butter Coffee: Really? Why?

Butter Coffee The first time I heard what Bullet Proof Coffee was, I scoffed. I was grossed out. Butter in coffee!? Yuck! Then a client asked me about [...]
low blood pressure

What is Low Blood Pressure and is it Harmful?

What is Low Blood Pressure? Hypertension receives most of the attention, and rightly so as it is the "silent killer". However, if a person's blood [...]