Cannabis And Muscle Mass: Is Pot The New Protein?

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The cannabis plant has been gaining attention in the health and fitness sector now more than ever due to increased legalization. There has been growing interest in THC and CBD compounds of marijuana, and their effects on humans. For decades now, people continue to link marijuana to bodybuilding. Weed is now the new protein in the fitness world. Initially, bodybuilders attested to the impact of weed during training; it increases focus and improves recovery. It is also crucial to understand how it affects our muscles.

Marijuana and BodyBuilding

The human endocannabinoid system affects sensitivity to pain, immune functions, appetite, regulation of temperature, and body processes. CBD and THC compounds interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system.

Cannabis Increases Appetite



Regulation of appetite is one of the primary roles of receptors in the endocannabinoid system. Marijuana interacts with these receptors to increase appetite. For a person looking to add a pack of muscle but struggling with poor appetite, weed offers a potential solution. However, you can only get that muscle mass if you stick to your nutritional plan. Even if you have food cravings after consuming weed, try to avoid unhealthy food choices.

Recent studies of cannabis show that it is a potential alternative to medications in the treatment of appetite loss. Exposure to weed causes one to take more frequent meals. When a person is hungry, the stomach releases ghrelin hormone that tells the brain that it is time to eat. A dose of cannabis also triggers this hormone, and that is why you will find yourself eating more than usual.

Testosterone Hormone                                                                

Testosterone is the hormone most linked to muscle growth. It is common to see bodybuilders injecting themselves with testosterone hormone. Research shows that people who smoke marijuana have an increased level of testosterone in their body compared to normal people. Testosterone is responsible for increased muscle mass. Therefore, a person with low testosterone can use marijuana as a boost, and this, in turn, will increase their muscle mass. 

Pain-Relief and Anti-inflammation Properties

Swellings and pain often go hand in hand, and bodybuilders are prone to these two. Resistance training causes trainers to experience pain due to inflammation. A regular trainer will need marijuana to handle any aches and get back to exercising quickly. Therefore, marijuana can shorten the recovery time and allow you to exercise more and get that pack of mass. The anti-inflammatory properties of weed will reduce any exercise pain and get you to the gym faster compared to when you allow the body to heal naturally.

Weight Gain

Since marijuana causes an increase in appetite, it can also lead to weight gain. Some skinny people interested in adding mass can benefit from increased appetite and weight gain triggered by marijuana consumption.[1] Adding weight is also a crucial component of muscle growth. The taste increases with marijuana consumption, and this makes it easier for trainers to consume healthy foods to satisfy their diet. You can boost your weight with healthy food choices such as plant proteins, yogurt, milk, and raw vegetables, among others. Moreover, to gain weight, a person must eat more and stimulate muscle growth. What better way to do this than utilize weed during your training?


Marijuana seems to give people a boost while training. Muscle growth depends on constant exercises and endurance. There is evidence to ascertain the link between cannabis and the performance of athletes. By providing relief from inflammation and pain, it enables you to endure straining exercises. Cannabis also shows positive results in treating muscle spasms in diseases such as multiple sclerosis, and athletes could use these benefits to address their spasms as well. Another advantage of weed that influences performance is an improvement in sleep.

Weed induces sleep, and people use it to treat sleep issues such as insomnia and sleep apnea, among others.[2] Sleep is vital in fitness and can benefit the performance of an athlete. A good night’s sleep is the antecedent for increased concentration, energy, and productivity. Therefore, if you come from training feeling stressed, you can take a puff of marijuana to relax, reduce pain, and enjoy some sleep.

Synthesis of Muscle Protein

Marijuana does not interfere with the way that your body synthesizes muscle protein. As such, it will not hinder muscle growth like alcohol and other substances. Normally, the growth of muscle fiber is partly due to the efficiency of protein synthesis. Protein is the main building block of muscles. Synthesis of muscles is a natural process where the body produces protein to repair muscles damaged during intense exercises.[3] Weed does not interfere with this natural process at all, and this means that you get mass after regeneration of muscle fiber. If you are ready to increase that mass, then you should get some of the best marijuana strains from Canada weed dispensary to enjoy the benefits.

Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness occurs when a person feels pain or stiffness after intense training. It can interfere with your ability to exercise more and add mass if you don’t stick to continuous exercising. Marijuana can help to reduce the effects of muscle soreness so that you only feel it for a shorter time and get back to exercising quicker. Muscle soreness is part of exercising, and it means that the body is adapting. Marijuana only works by helping you to overcome this issue fast and will not interfere with your schedule.


It’s no doubt that marijuana is the new protein for muscle growth. Unlike other drugs such as alcohol, that are also common among athletes, marijuana does not offer any side effects. It is one substance with numerous benefits that you should take advantage of today. Cannabis is an excellent alternative to medications for use as a muscle booster. Take advantage of its pain and inflammatory properties. You can make weed one of the main ingredients in your diet today to boost your performance and shorten recovery time in sports. Apart from marijuana, Anavar is another great product you should try that will boost your performance when exercising and during training.

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