Breathe In, Breathe (Fat) Out: O2 And Weight Loss

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Weight loss is simple: take on fewer calories than your daily allowance. At least, that’s how people like to frame the debate. It’s true that simplicity is a friend when you’re trying to shed the pounds. The last thing anyone wants to hear is the link between oxygen and metabolizing triglycerides. Come again, now?


There’s no doubt it’s confusing, but oxygen is an important part of shifting excess timber. As it happens, breathing in the right way may help you breathe out fat. Yep, it’s true according to the nerds in lab coats at the University of New South Wales.


Here are the reasons why and how you can use the info to your benefit.


Fat = CO2


Before Brown’s and Meerman’s study, it was thought fat was lost by turning it into muscle or by defecating. The results show most of it is converted into carbon dioxide and breathed out of the body. When 10kg of fat was oxidized, almost 8.5kg was excreted via the lungs. However, to do this, the average person needs to take in as much as 30kg of oxygen. Making a conscious effort to breathe in harder and longer during exercise, then, can help you lose weight. Funnily enough, you want to increase your carbon footprint.


Synthetic Air


There is no reason to leave the hard work to the lungs. Yes, there is plenty of oxygen in the air for everyone, but you can increase your intake with a personal supply. Oxygen Plus sells canisters of pure O2 which naturally and healthily bump up the levels in your blood. Taking a hit before and during exercise can speed up the metabolism process and convert more fat to CO2. Of course, oxygen also increases the chances of working out as it prevents feelings of fatigue and lethargy.


Traditional Diet


Although there were a few revelations in the study, one thing remained the same: diet. The authors commented that the slightest error undoes the hard work of exercise. Even though we now know where the fat goes, the rules stay the same. The key is to move more and eat less, particularly cutting out junk food where possible. One hour of exercise can remove as much as 40g of carbon from the body, which is seven times as much than during rest. So, before you can breathe harder for longer, you need to get to the gym and workout while avoiding unhealthy meals.


Hunger Appeaser


The good news is that you can avoid bad eating habits by taking on more oxygen. Why? It’s because 90% of the body’s energy comes from the air we breathe. Oxygen Bar Sales says only 10% comes from food and water, which means O2 is what fills the stomach and stops the hunger pangs. So, breathing in oxygen should make you feel less like raiding the fridge and cooking up a snack. This is why aromatherapy is becoming a popular treatment for weight loss.


Were you up in the air about the effects of O2 and weight loss? What’s your position now?

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