A Beginner’s Guide on How to Sumo Deadlift

Truth be told, bulging muscles in all the right places are a definite eye candy for anyone who happens to glance your way. Hey, these multiple bumps of perfection could even be your long term ticket out of the corny and tired pick-up lines. Besides this, toned muscles are the epitome of strength and health. Although easy on the eyes, these do not develop overnight. They take a lot of sweat, determination, and consistency. Exercise is your only way out but it all begins by doing it correctly.

sumo deadlift

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Sumo Deadlifting is one of the many exercises known to tone your muscles hence lucrative contours and muscle definition. Most people assume that sumo deadlifting is easy since it involves minimal body movement but this isn’t the case at all. A beginner cannot just walk towards a weighty bar and attempt this exercise. You’ll either end up hurting yourself or not getting the bar off the floor in the first place. Taking an interest in this exercise is the first step while understanding the basics is the second and most important step.

1. Take A Breath

Proper breathing is an important part of any exercise. In this case, You will be required to take a breath while in an upright position. This will keep your belt tight as you get into position. It also allows more air to rest at the belly hence more spring and pressure for when you lock into place. Well, holding your breath and letting it stay in your belly may be difficult for a beginner. However, you will get the hang of it with time.

2. Get Into Position

squat position

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If you get this step wrong then your pull will definitely be a flop. First of all, squat to get a hold of the bar. Secondly, attempt the sit position as you begin to lift the bar. A problem will occur if you fail to readjust yourself so as to create tension on the hamstrings. This will undoubtedly ruin your chances for a successful lift as you will leave pounds on the platform.

3. Explosive Set Up

This is the most important part of the deadlift. It determines the performance of your lift. Remember, getting the bar off the floor is the biggest challenge. It is less likely for a person to fail at lockout because it is where your leverage is at the biggest advantage. In this case, the harder and faster you pull the bar off the floor the better your lockout is going to be. Although it will be impossible to go 0-100 on your first attempt, you will gradually learn how to with practice so be easy on yourself.

4. Find the Sweet Spot

This is the position where your hips properly align with your torso. Once achieved, it will help you pull the most weight hence success. In order to get here, position yourself in front of the bar and use it to pull yourself back until you find a suitable spot. Once you’ve found it, pause then finish off the lift. Enjoy the cheer if you’ve got a crowd.
Managed to get this step right? Hold the celebrations as you still, have a long way to go. You will need to learn how to find the sweet spot quickly and pair it up with fast and explosive lifts. It is only after you’ve mastered this that you will be allowed to swim with the big sharks of Sumo Deadlifting. 

There’s a popular saying among sumo deadlifters that states ‘Pull the bar so fast and hard that if you were to let it go, it would smash into the ceiling and past the roof”. This put enough emphasis on the need to pull the bar with all your strength and might off the floor. Besides increasing your success chances, you stand to gain a whole lot more.
(a) It will teach you how to find the sweet spot faster. Remember, you do not have all day finding it. Besides, the faster you do so the better your chances of a successful lift.
(b) It will help you to utilize the momentum from the previous backward pull. You can transfer this into usable force in the process of the lift.
(c) You will get used to pulling the lift as quickly as possible. Truth be told, this is a skill all by itself.

5. The Sumo Romanian Deadlift

Romanian deadlift

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This is a secret that the pros keep to themselves but we are willing to let you in on it. The secret to pulling insane amount of weight is incorporating the sumo SRL into your routine. This way you stand to gain;
(a) Muscular strength
(b) Muscular Hypertrophy
(c) Muscular endurance
(d) Upper back strength
(e) Lat recruitment
(f) Grip strength
(g) Increased lockout speed

Incorporate this technique once a week in your normal routine (3-6 times per week). You can do 8-15 reps a shot depending on what your goals and needs are. For strength development, go for lower rep ranges. Consider the higher rep ranges for endurance and muscular hypertrophy.

Another tip to help improve your sumo deadlift performance is spreading the floor. Think about it as bursting the seams of your shoes open from the inside as fast and hard as you possibly can while initiating the lift at the exact same time. This will stabilize your pelvis, draw in more force and subsequently help you lift the bar successfully. This will also enable you to lift heavier weights with time.

Last but not least, be patient with yourself. Those muscle moguls you see in body building magazines did not get to where they are in a day. Truth be told, mastering these steps will actually take some time. Managing to have them all in sync with each other is quite a challenge. However with practice, determination and proper planning, you will get to dine at the same table with the pros.

If you were used to the conventional deadlift, you will learn that sumo deadlifting is a whole lot more technically complex. Just because your gym partner does things this way and achieves certain results doesn’t mean that the same case applies to you. Everyone is likely to achieve different results depending on their body structure. If your hamstrings and hips are weak, you will find trouble achieving success in this quest. However. learning the correct posture and steps will undoubtedly bring you closer to the trophy. Investing in the best multivitamin for body building will master adequate strength within you hence speeding up your success at sumo deadlifting. These magical gems will enable you to advance to heavier bars faster than before. You can check out this page on BodyShape101 to find more about sumo deadlift.

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