Bad Habits That Can Cause Weight Gain

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If you exercise and eat well but still seem to gain weight, you’re not alone. Many adults struggle with their weight despite their best efforts. Some common lifestyle choices, however, can have a surprising impact on your lbs., and may be the last piece of the puzzle in your weight loss journey.


Here are four of the most common bad habits that can disrupt your health, and how to avoid them.



Too much stress in life or work can wreak havoc on the body. Constant worrying and anxiety can raise blood pressure and damage the heart. Additionally, in a survival move, stress prevents your body from burning fat, leading to weight gain.


Some stressful situations are unavoidable, but if you find yourself feeling constantly stressed, try some relaxation techniques. A quick breathing exercise or meditation at your desk can help stop worrisome thoughts during work, and a consistent yoga schedule can melt away additional stress at home.


Inadequate sleep

Not only does sleep help prevent obesity, but it’s also been linked to a decreased intake of fatty comfort food. Sleep allows the body to regulate its hormones that control hunger and appetite. A good night’s sleep can, therefore, curb any unnecessary snacking and caloric intake.


Make sure to boost your sleeping habits by creating a productive sleeping environment. Investing in some heavy curtains can block out distracting noise at night, and a few cozy Casper pillows can keep you comfortable throughout the night. Do whatever you find works best for you to sleep well in order to best look after your health.


Improperly using Tupperware

Surprisingly, the way you store, heat and buy your food can affect the way it interacts with your body. The BPAs in some plastics can leach into your food and interfere with your body’s natural hormonal process and metabolism, ultimately leading to weight gain.


To avoid weight gain, try to purchase glass jars or Rubbermaid’s BPA-free plastic Tupperware, and never heat up plastic in the microwave. For similar reasons, you shouldn’t reuse plastic water bottles, and recycle Tupperware made more than ten years ago.



That is, diets that prevent you from enjoying a treat every now and then. A complete cut off of your favorite snacks has been shown to increase your chances of a full-blown cheat day which can decrease your motivation and ultimately cause you to quit healthy eating all together.


Allow yourself a small serving of sweets or an indulgent snack every now and then. The key is moderation, not elimination. Instead, focus on more mindful eating. Eating smaller portions, filling your plate with more veggies and fewer starches, and drinking more water have a better chance of helping you lose weight and stay healthy.


Consider adopting some of these suggestions to aid your weight loss journey and lead a healthier life.


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