Are You New To A Lifestyle Change? Here’s What To Consider

Whether you decided at some point this year that you wanted to take on a lifestyle change, whether it was a health scare that made you do it or a need to have something for yourself, you may have found yourself on a new journey of rediscovery. You may be loving it, and of course, at the beginning of every challenge we can feel motivated and good about our decisions, but as time goes on we can find ourselves struggling. This is why people tend to give up changes or revert to old habits, even if they don’t want to. There is a lot to consider if you find yourself starting your journey into exercise, eating better or changing your lifestyle completely. There will be muscles you are toning up that may not have been used in a while. Food you are giving up that you love or have an emotional attachment towards, and your mindset could be playing tricks on you each and every day. It isn’t just about the physical things you do you know. So with that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the things to consider when you begin a journey of a lifestyle change and how you can overcome some of the most common hurdles people face.


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Consider your diet


Your diet could be a big indicator and reason why you started this lifestyle change i the first place, and while starting to exercise more and tone up is just part of the journey, what you eat can also help you in the other areas of your life that you wish to change. If you live off a diet that consists of burgers and chocolate, then you won’t do too well under the pressures of exercise and you certainly won’t find yourself losing weight or feeling more energised. You need to have the right kind of proteins, carbohydrates and nutrients in your diet, to have enough energy to take on each day the way you want to. Nourishing your body with the food you need to function day to day is the right start. This is where a healthy balanced diet should be enjoyed. Try and avoid diets where you cut things out as these can often not be sustained as part of a long term change.


There are many exercise options to consider


Taking exercise and toning up doesn’t just mean pounding the gym everyday. There are so many options you can consider to give your workouts variety. This defeats any chance of boredom and allows you to keep things up more. So you may want to consider things like running, walking more or just being active, or even things like yoga classes or swimming. All will have great effects on your body, albeit in different ways.


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Increase the amount of water you drink


Exercising more and being active means you are going to sweat. It’s a fact. So you need to make sure you hydrate your body to keep fluid levels topped up. It is recommended to drink at least two litres of water a day, but many of us don’t even manage half that during the day. If you struggle with drinking more water than try and get into a habit of doing it. Perhaps having a water bottle on your desk or close by will motivate you. Even if you tackle only a few things when it comes to a lifestyle change, make drinking more water your thing. It can make such a difference to your mood, the quality of sleep you have had the condition of your skin. Which in turn can give you a boost in confidence as you start to feel your best.


woman jogging

Make sure you have the right gear and avoid injuries


It’s all well and good having great intentions of starting to exercise and generally living your best life, but if you don’t have the right gear you could cause yourself problems. Running or any strenuous exercise on your leg muscles will require you to wear the right footwear. If you don’t, you may cause yourself an injury. It’s always best to be prepared. However, as many people embark on healthier lifestyle choices, and with exercise being part of that, you may find that you are subject to injuries from time to time. Physio and different exercise may help you keep moving and alternative therapies like anti-gravity treadmills could be worth a look. You may be thinking why use an anti-gravity treadmill? But the last thing you want is an injury to hold you back from the choices you have made. Not rectifying injuries gained could stop you in your tracks and undo any good work you have done.


Could you give up any vices?


As part of your lifestyle change, I feel the obvious answer is always exercise and your det,but there are other positive changes you could make that could help you make a real difference to your health and wellbeing. One of them happens to be giving up some vices such as smoking or drinking alcohol. These are habits that we can become accustomed to on a day to day basis, but often you need to address the reason why you do the before you can give them up for good. They may be affecting your health more than you realise.


Set yourself small, realistic targets to reach the big goal


Finally, the one reason many people quit their fitness journeys is due to setting themselves unrealistic goals. It’s easy to become demotivated if you don’t feel like you are achieving what you set out to. While it’s always good to have a big goal, try and set yourself small, realistic targets that you can hit. This will keep your motivation high, and your chances of hitting your big goal will be greater.


I hope this may have inspired to consider some of the ways that you can take on a lifestyle change and overcome the common pitfalls everyone can face.

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