About Glenn Johnson and Live Fit

Glenn Johnson - Live Fit

About Glenn Johnson – in Brief

  • Founder of Live Fit (2008)
  • College and University Instructor in Health, Fitness, and Nutrition (2006 – present)
  • Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialis
  • Behavior Change Coach
  • Master’s in Kinesiology from Long Beach State (2005)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from CSU Chico
  • Personal Training certifications from ISSA and ACE
  • Nutrition Consultant certification from ISSA
  • US Navy, Wildland Fire Fighter for US Forest Service
  • Amateur bicycle racer

My Story

Why do I want to reach people and what do I want to say? Simply put, we are all given one body. We need to use this body for our entire lives. If we abuse our body we will live the rest of our lives in pain, discomfort and often times, misery. There are many people alive today that are suffering because they did not eat sensibly or do an appropriate amount of physical activity. Every time I see someone like this I feel very sad and I want to go back in time and help steer them in the right direction. But I can’t. I haven’t perfected time travel – yet.

All too often a person will approach me and tell me they need an exercise and/or eating plan because their doctor told them they could die soon if they do not change their bad habits. I tell them I will help, but I am sad that it has come to this. If a person gets to the point where their physician tells them to change, it is going to be very difficult road to good health. It will happen with guidance and persistence, but it will take a long time. There will be many obstacles and many reasons to quit. It will be much more difficult to get in shape than it would have been to stay in shape from the start. Remember that. The degradation to the body takes time and people cannot just turn it around quickly – no matter how badly they want to, how serious and sorry they are, and how dedicated to the “new me” they become. Reversal of bad habits will take time. It can be done. I’ve seen it. But it will be difficult. Know that. But also know that you can do it.

My goal in life is to help 1 million people find fitness and good health
– BEFORE it’s too late –

How it all Started

When I was in the Navy, many years ago, I was in line for chow one day  when a friend of mine asked why I was eating so healthy. He said “you’re young and fit, why don’t you just eat what you want and change to health food when you’re 30?” I said to him, “because then I will have 20 + years of bad eating in my veins and the habits will be much harder to change.”

I’ve been interested in health food for as long as I can remember. I’ve also been fascinated by weight loss diets. Not that I have tried many for weight loss purposes, but I have for experimentation. I was interested because I saw so many people around me go on the next best diet year after year looking for that perfect formula of eating that would solve all their problems. They never found it, of course, and I was left wondering why, until I deduced that 1) dieters never win and, 2) there is no magic potion.

If there is no perfect diet and there is no magic potion, what is the secret? I spent a good portion of my free time trying to find the right answer to the question “how can I lose weight (meaning fat) and keep it off?” I read practically every diet book ever published and even some that only made it to the internet. I even wrote an Encyclopedic History of Fitness in the hopes that I would uncover the truth. I became an ultra distance cyclist and learned about sports nutrition, I studied kinesiology and earned a Master’s degree, as well as many certifications.

It worked, I found the secret. It took years of education and experience to be sure that I had the right answer. I then gave it five years of real world experience before I was ready to unveil it here. The answer is in my Live Fit for Life program.

A Little More About Glenn Johnson

I’m from a small desert town in Southern California. I rode my bike everywhere because that was pretty much the only way I had to get around. I loved biking. It was freedom. It allowed me to go  where I wanted. Also, the wind in my hair (no helmets then) and blood pumping made me feel great! But in the summer of my 19th year I had a strong urge to fly away. I needed to see other parts of the world. I needed to meet new people, learn new things, and be near water. So I joined the Navy.

My experience in the Navy was fantastic. It was the best thing I could have done. It completely changed my life – for the better. It taught me discipline, work ethic, cooperation and teamwork and most importantly, how to get along with many different types of people. But, it also wasn’t something I wanted to do for longer than my initial enlistment. I wanted to go to college – which became a new desire for me.

I first went to a community college, then a university and then became a certified personal trainer and worked in the real world for several years in Los Angeles owning my own personal training business (Motion Works Fitness). I was able to realize my goal of turning people on to a healthy lifestyle. I watched most of my clients improve their health, energy level, confidence and general happiness, but I could only help one person at a time. So, I earned my master’s degree so I could teach a whole room full of students how to live healthy and best of all, how to teach others the simple truth of living fit.


About Glenn Johnson

I’ve never been into team sports. I didn’t have much of an influence growing up and I didn’t feel I was missing out. I biked and hiked and fished and skied and was very active. I tried some team sports but never really “got it” and wasn’t very good. But biking was my true love. I used to go on 40 and 60 mile bike rides when I was 12 and 13. When I was in the Navy I rode my bike all over Virginia. Then when I got out I rode from Fairbanks, Alaska to Southern California. This was my first education on sports nutrition. I kept a journal and wrote down just about everything I ate and drank. After the Navy I got into mountain biking, then while working on my master’s I got into road riding. That led to ultra distance bike races (24 hour time trials, 500 mile time trials) and then organizing and promoting races. I am currently an avid road and cyclocross enthusiast and commuter and find my time on the bike is my best form of meditation, exercise and generating ideas.

Why Me?

Occasionally, during a conversation with a person who is trying to find their way back to fitness, they will ask me if I’ve ever been overweight. Fair enough question. From what I’ve said above and my current fitness level you would not assume that I have. But, my high school years were not the healthiest for me. I rode my bike much less when I started driving a car. I also ate like the typical teenager – pizza, burgers, candy, soda, (beer, maybe), and wasn’t very active with anything. The Navy straightened me up before I was too far gone. Then again after receiving my bachelor’s I had a very sedentary job in Los Angeles, worked long hours to impress the boss, splurged on fast food because “I was busy and deserved it” and obviously enough, I reached an all time high weight for me.

My breaking point came when I was in a dressing room trying on a new pair of pants in a size larger then I ever thought I’d wear, when I looked at them, and then me in the mirror and said “no way. I see where this is going and it’s not OK.” I took them off, walked out, and changed my habits forever. It was at that moment that I decided no job is worth my good health. The interesting thing is that not only did my boss not notice that I wasn’t coming in to work two hours early – because I was going to the gym – he didn’t notice that I wasn’t going to Burger King for lunch – I was bringing my lunch or going home – but my productivity actually improved because I felt better and had more energy, was more alert and happy.

I have been running my fat loss program since 2009 and have helped hundreds of people find fitness and escape the looming food monster that seems to infiltrate many people’s psyche. Food shouldn’t be evil or a drug or love or comfort or entertainment. It should only be fuel. It supplies nutrients that the body needs. When all this other pressure is placed on food, we are eating emotions, not fuel.

So, there I am. Now you know all about Glenn Johnson and Live Fit. That is my story. Not quite my entire life’s story, but the story as to why I want to help 1 million people find fitness and good health.

I hope I can help you.



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