9 Ways Life Coaches Are Helpful for Those in Recovery

What does your recovery support network look like? If you don’t have a life coach in the mix, you may want to consider working with one, even if you have a therapist already. A life coach is a trained and certified professional who helps clients re-wire their habits and reach their goals, both of which are important for people in recovery from addiction. Here are nine ways you may benefit from working with a life coach as part of your aftercare program. 

1. A life coach will help you set goals in the here and now.

A therapist’s job is typically to help clients unravel their past experiences and traumas. A life coach, on the other hand, will help you look towards the future and figure out what you want to achieve. They’ll also help you create new habits that will move you closer to your goals every day. 

2. Life coaching helps you separate your own needs and wants from others’.

It’s a common theme: people in recovery often feel like they’re not in control of their own lives for reasons that go beyond addiction. You might struggle with knowing what you really want out of life because you’ve been living to please other people, for example. A life coach will help you sort your own goals out from other peoples’ so you can learn to live more authentically. 

3. A life coach can help you manage your time.

Recovering from addiction can make you feel like you need to re-learn a lot of different basic life skills at once. Working with a life coach can help you feel less overwhelmed throughout the process. Time management is a big issue for a lot of people in recovery, and if you struggle with getting places on time or being productive, your life coach will help you find ways to improve. 

4. A life coach can help you manage your money.

If it’s been too long since you took an active approach to managing your finances, a life coach can help you get back on track. They can assist with things like making a budget, opening a new bank account, and cultivating a mindful approach towards spending. 

5. Life coaching helps you recognize — and use — your own inner strength. 

Everybody gets discouraged sometimes. During the challenging process of recovering from addiction, you might find that it happens more often than you’d like. Your life coach will help you see past those emotions and tap into your hidden reserves of strength. They will take note of your positive qualities as they get to know you, and they’ll remind you of those qualities when you’re tempted to throw in the towel. 

6. If you want to go back to school or get a new job, a life coach will help you make it happen. 

Learning to re-integrate with society can be a real challenge for people who have spent years battling addiction. And even if you haven’t lost touch with society, recovering from addiction might spur you to pursue a new career or continue your education. A life coach can help you come up with a step-by-step plan to make your career goals a reality. 

7. A life coach helps you stay in the present as you recover. 

Therapists often talk about the past — it’s part of their job. But dwelling on the past too much isn’t a good idea when you’re trying to build a new life after addiction. A life coach will help you remain grounded in the present moment and focused on your goals, so the past doesn’t drag you down. 

8. A life coach provides you some accountability as you pursue your goals. 

It’s hard to stay consistent with a major life change like recovery on your own. Regularly meeting with a life coach will give you some extra motivation to stay on track. You’ll get the added benefit of having someone cheering you on as you reclaim your life, too. 

9. You’ll learn healthy, positive coping mechanisms if you work with a life coach. 

It’s tough to learn to deal with cravings during recovery. A life coach will help you come up with practical, doable strategies for avoiding a relapse when you’re feeling tempted. Over time, you’ll find these coping strategies turning into your new habits.

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