7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Health

ways to improve your health Staying healthy is often difficult with the distractions and temptations of modern life. That is why this article will show you 7 easy ways to improve your health that you can work into your lifestyle, both now and for the future.

These tips should be pretty easy to incorporate into your daily lifestyle, if you make the effort. After a short time you will not need to make an effort, they will come as naturally as brushing your teeth.

7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Health

  1. Exercise every day. Do something. Preferably something you enjoy. Better yet, do something outside. Let me Ways to improve your health | Live Fitbreak this down for you: Civilized people are not nearly as active as we were are meant to be. This is killing us. So really, doing anything physical is better than doing nothing. But if you like it, you are more likely to do it more often, with more enthusiasm and for a longer duration – making it even better for you. Also, if you enjoy it, it will be good for your soul. Plus, if you do it outside you will feel more enlightened, richer and fresher. Even in the cold rain. Fresh air has a way of making a person feel alive.
  2. Get a dog. (If you don’t already have one.) Dogs need to walk to stay healthy. They also need an outlet for their energy. If you don’t walk them, they may dig up your prized roses, or chew up your couch. The bonus here is, that when you walk your dog you too are getting some much needed exercise. We are not meant to sit for long periods, neither is your dog. Get out of the house and see what’s out in the world. Look, listen, sniff, move.
  3. Technology – Technology can make exercise fun, challenging and maybe even competitive. I get competitive with myself. I recently started tracking my runs and bike rides again and it is making it more interesting and fun. It also makes me look forward to my next session. I think the FitBit is a great way to track your steps, distance traveled, stairs climbed, sleep, and more (depending on the model.) Did you know they have watches also?    More Ways to Improve Your Health
  4. Eat Real Food. Mostly Plants. Not too Much. This is Michael Pollen’s rule, and I like it.The Live Fit | Food Rulesbetter the food you eat (ie, food with, say, five ingredients or less), the more you’ll enjoy it, and the more satisfied you’ll feel afterward. His book Food Rules is THE best food/nutrition book I’ve ever read. If you have not read it, please do yourself a favor. You won’t regret it. It is short, and easy to read, with very brief sensible messages on every page. It will change the way you think about eating.
  5. Don’t eat less than 2 hours before bed. I don’t have a solid time of day when you should stop eating, but you should give yourself time to digest before laying down. There are several reasons for this, such as: physical movement helps food digest, movement uses energy and some of the energy from your meal is used up, the digestive system works better when you are upright and walking/moving, etc., when you sleep you do not need very much energy. So eat something light and simple and give your digestion time to work.ways to improve your health
  6. Drink water. Drink it. If you’re neurotically hungry (as in you feel hungry, you want to eat, you’re gonna eat, but you’re not actually physically hungry), drink water instead. Often we’re just dehydrated, and that dehydration is the feeling of “hunger” that fools us into eating crappy food. Get into the habit of drinking a glass of water before you eat anything. Regardless of whether it is a meal or a snack, drink a full glass of water. It is especially important to drink one first thing in the morning.
  7. Cook your own food. Restaurants are nice, luxurious, convenient and expensive and usually far less healthy than your own cooking. So, save your eating out for special occasions and prepare as many meals as you can at home. This will not only save your money, but your health as well (if you follow tip #4 above).


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