7 Kegel Myths That You Should Stop Believing Right Now

Kegel exercises or pelvic floor exercises have been around for decades and have been considered quite effective for strengthening pelvic floor muscles. Their ability to enhance stability and postural support, besides getting rid of sexual performance issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation has been acknowledged by physicians and health enthusiasts alike. 

man doing bridge pose

However, there exist a lot of myths about these exercises that should be debunked to help you practice them right away. Let’s do it then. 

Myth 1: You should practice Kegels regularly to obtain maximum benefits

Nope! Nothing can be further from the truth here. On the contrary, you shouldn’t practice Kegels every day, just like other muscle-enhancing exercises that need frequent rest periods for optimizing results. 

Myth 2: They can only benefit women

By far, this is the commonest rumors among all. With the small contractions in the pubococcygeus muscles in men, sexual issues like erectile dysfunction or faster ejaculation can be controlled. Although there are other methods, as explained at promescent.com/pages/last-longer-in-bed to get rid of such problems, practicing Kegels is one of the most effective ways of improving your sexual stamina to a great extent. 

Myth 3: You should stop urine flow while doing Kegels

Stopping your stream is just a way to evaluate if you’re using the right set of muscles for your kegel exercise. However, it doesn’t have any connection with the efficiency of the exercise whatsoever. 

Myth 4: You can practice them anywhere, even inside your car

Kegels, just like other muscle exercises, requires focus and concentration, as well as minimum distractions, for maximum benefits. Hence, they should be practiced in an isolated space, at least in the first few weeks of your kegel workout regime. However, once you get accustomed, you can incorporate Kegels in your daily routine without any hassle. 

Myth 5: Keep your pelvic floor muscles tight throughout the day

You shouldn’t believe in such baseless rumors, as they may have severe health consequences. Like any other muscle in your body, the pelvic muscles have their natural tone and should be left to that, except when you’re exercising them. This will prevent the development of unnecessary hazards and pains in the pelvis. 

Myth 6: Kegels help only when you’re suffering from sexual issues

Although Kegels do help a lot in treating erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues in men, they are also quite effective against urinary incontinence and other issues that arise in men after prostate surgery. Further, they are also said to benefit women after giving birth and in preventing obesity.  

Myth 7: Kegels are too overrated and don’t help at all

Millions of people have benefitted from Kegels worldwide, and the exercise is widely acknowledged by physicians as well. So, there’s no reason to believe that it doesn’t work. However, you have to do Kegels the right way to get benefitted from it. Hence, research more and talk to your GP if necessary. 

Wrapping it up

If you want to increase your sexual stamina through Kegels, you should keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle will help you get the most out of your workout regime. This apart, you should also cut down your alcohol consumption and include aphrodisiac foods in your diet to boost libido and enhance sexual performance. 

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