7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Water From Copper Vessels

Drinking water out of a copper vessel has been shown to receive many health benefits such as weight loss, improving iron levels within the body and many more! In order to ensure you receive the extensive benefits place your water in a copper pot or bottle 8 hours prior to drinking it, ideal for being left overnight. This article will provide 7 amazing health benefits of drinking water from copper vessels.

  • Boosts Digestive Health
  • Weight Loss
  • Slows Down Ageing
  • Regulates The Functioning of The Thyroid Gland
  • Beats anaemia
  • Improves Skin Health
  • Improves Iron Levels

Boosts digestive health

Indigestion is a common problem within the current day. Drinking cooper vessel water has seen to kill harmful bacteria within the stomach as well as inflammation, boosting digestive health and functioning whilst reducing the chance of indigestion. Furthermore, copper vessel water aids in detoxing the stomach regulate proper functioning of the liver and kidneys and aids in the elimination of negative substances from the body, allowing true nutritional value to be obtained from healthy foods. When water is stored in a copper vessel/bottle, the mineral becomes attached, once entering the stomach the copper is able to break down food particles much easier, increasing digestion and bodily functioning.

Weight loss

Drinking water out of a copper vessel is a much cheaper alternative to losing weight then injections, drugs or diets. Improving digestive health and function whilst aiding in the breakdown of fat, copper vessel water will ensure the body only keeps what is required, throwing out the rest.

Slows down ageing

Cooper is full of anti-oxidants and cell-forming properties, fighting off free radicals within the body and promoting the production of new and healthy skin cells, preventing those pesky wrinkles. Along with the other extensive list of benefits from copper vessels, you will be sure to feel young and function to your best ability.

Regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland

Low levels of copper within the body is often associated with thyroid diseases. Increasing the level of copper within your body is a fine way to reduce your chances of picking up a thyroid disease, such as graves disease of hyperthyroidism. Proper functioning of the thyroid gland is essential for hormonal balance, in particular temperature, metabolism, growth and development. Being insufficient in copper may be the problem associated with thyroid issues, resulting in an increase/decrease in weight, feelings of tiredness, change in temperature or even mood changes. If you experience any of these systems it’s worth trying water from a copper vessel. If your condition does not improve, visit your local GP.

Beats anemia

What is anemia exactly? Anemia is where the body does not contain enough healthy red blood cells in order to deliver oxygen to the bodies tissues. A common side effect of anemia is feeling tired and lethargic. Surprisingly, drinking water from copper vessels has been shown to increase and regulate levels of iron within the body, increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to the bodies tissues whilst maintaining proper cell formation within the body.

Improves skin health

Drinking water from a copper vessel aids in the production of new skin cells, whilst replenishing the top layer of the outer skin, decreasing sun damage, increasing the healing of infections and cuts whilst promoting smooth and blemish free skin, something we all aspire towards. Individuals who are seen to be low in iron levels often appear yellow, pale or sallow in colour. Another impact of low iron within the body is frequent and unexplained bruising, easily challenged by increasing the amount of iron you consume, either through diet or drinking water from a copper vessel.

Improves iron levels

Cooper boosts the natural production of iron within the body. 70% of our bodies iron is found within our red blood cells, essential for travelling oxygen around the body. Lower levels of iron will impair this process, resulting in slower and less efficient blood flow and increasing the risk of poor immune system function. Drinking water out of a copper vessel stimulates and regulates proper iron levels, reducing the risk of low iron in the blood-related diseases, aforementioned.

Where exactly do I get a copper vessel?

Copper vessels can be bought online and in shops, with a wide variety available on amazon. Copper bottles are also an option, providing a convenient way to increase your copper intake without carrying around a huge vessel on your daily commute.

A final thought

Investing in a copper vessel or bottle can be life changing for your health. Reducing the risk of health-related diseases and infections, improving your skin to make you look 20 years younger and improving digestive functioning aiding in weight loss and prevention of indigestion. Invest in a copper vessel today to see health improvements and an overall healthier, happier you.

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