6 CBD Edibles That You Should Absolutely Try

CBD edibles are a great option as they are easy to consume and have a lasting effect compared to options like smoking and vaping. The consumer demand for them has been growing and manufacturers are thinking of innovative product ideas to catch their attention. With more and more sellers making a foray into the online domain, the variety available for the users is awesome. If you are a true cannabis lover, here are some edibles that you must absolutely buy.


Chocolates and cannabis make a delicious combination that everyone with a sweet tooth would love to try. You can find some brands coming with delicious bars, brownies and bite-sized bits to appeal to your taste buds. You can look for ones made with different strains and in a variety of dose concentrations to find the one that works for you. The best part is that they are delicious in taste and discreet to enjoy.


If you are not a huge chocolate buff but still want to enjoy CBD in edible form, cookies are another good option to try. Cookies are easy to pop in any time of the day and a good snacking opting as well. There are tons of flavors to choose from, heavenly fruit to tangy lemon, strong ginger, and more. And you can stick to the good old chocolate cookies if that is your favorite!


Although you may have always thought of gummies as kiddy stuff, the ones infused with cannabis are fast becoming an adult favorite today. They are a great option for the first timers as you have such an incredible range of flavors to choose from. Try purekana cbd gummies for amazing taste and great effect. You will probably love their look too as they come in cute shapes.

Chips and popcorns

If you do not have a sweet tooth or are just looking to go savory with CBD, then chips and popcorns are nice options to try. Manufacturers are getting smart with ideas and cannabis-infused chips and popcorns are one of the innovations they have come up with. Since these are easy to pop and hard to count, just make sure that you are not having too much.

Herbal Teas

Another option in CBD edibles that you must try is herbal teas. Though you may not exactly call it an edible but this soothing drink makes an excellent alternative if you want to use something other than oil, vape pens or drops. Herbal tea can be brewed by infusing cannabis leaves in water. You can enjoy it any time in the day and experience benefits like stress relief, better digestion and alleviation of pain and inflammation.

Sour Candy

Another must-try CBD edible is sour candy, which will probably remind you of your childhood. You can find a good variety of flavors in different sized packages. So it is easy to try one flavor and move on to the next with sour candies and lollipops.

With so much to try in CBD edibles, your bucket list will be a long one. Just make sure that you buy good quality stuff from a reputed dispensary or online store. Also check the CBD concentrations in them to consume the right dose and enjoy to the fullest!

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