5 Ways to Exercise Indoors


Going to the gym can be a fantastic way to get into shape, but not everyone is able to get to a gym. If you have been wondering how you can get quality workouts without having to leave home, here are five different ways to exercise indoors, right from the comfort of your own home.

  1. YouTube Yoga

YouTube has an abundance of awesome exercise videos, and some of the best ones available that require the least amount of exercise equipment are yoga videos. You don’t even need to buy workout shoes! There are workout and meditation videos catered to various skill and ability levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. Certain yoga workouts are geared toward working pain and tension out of specific parts of the body, so if you are someone who struggles with chronic pain, these workouts might be the most beneficial for you.

  1. Create a Simple (and Inexpensive) Home Gym

Let’s face it, most of us do not think we have the space or money to build our own in-home gyms. Exercise equipment can seem expensive and space-consuming. However, knowing what to buy when you’re looking to develop an in-home gym can be helpful. The best home gyms tend to have a good stock of smaller, less-expensive exercise equipment. Foam rollers and jump ropes make for excellent equipment. If you want to use a treadmill indoors, there are plenty of moderately-priced treadmills (as well as ellipticals) on the market. Many sporting goods stores sell them, and they are available online through company websites or through sites like Amazon. Just note that these larger machines are often self-assembled and can be heavy and bulky to lug into a room. You will likely need some help with their set-up.

  1. Dance Like No One is Watching

Much like yoga, YouTube has a plethora of fun dance videos. Whether you want to learn the Rumba or are more interested in contemporary dance, there are many videos available without you having to spend any money. Dancing is a fantastic way to exercise indoors since it gets your heart pumping blood throughout your body and can burn calories. An hour of dancing can burn somewhere over 200 calories. Not only can you drop weight and tone your body through dance, but you can also improve your mental health. Studies have shown that dance can decrease symptoms of depression by triggering chemicals in the brain that give you a rush of positive feelings. It also helps to improve balance and coordination, so go ahead and dance like no one is watching!

  1. Clean Up Your Act

Cleaning is something we often think of as a chore (or set of chores) instead of exercise. Cleaning around the house can burn calories and create resistance and endurance on different levels. You might not realize just how good of a cardio workout you’re getting while you clean. If you have children or other family members or roommates, you can get them involved by making cleaning into a game to see who can burn the most calories in a set amount of time. Whoever wins can get treated to a healthy and delicious snack or another type of positive and healthy reward.

  1. Get to Stair-Stepping

Those of you who have gone to the gym have probably at least seen a stair stepper. These machines are pretty large and simulate the movement of going up the stairs. Unfortunately, good ones tend to cost well over $1,000, and they do not fit neatly into most rooms in a house. While stair steppers can provide a good workout at the gym, simply going up and down the stairs of your house can work the same muscles and burn calories, all at the cost of some time and energy.

There are many other techniques for exercising indoors, and you can always adapt your workouts to your indoor environment. Whether you’re simply running up and down your stairs or going down the rabbit-hole of yoga videos on YouTube, you can find plenty of affordable resources at your disposal without spending the money and time of getting to the gym.

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