5 Ways Mountain Biking Improves Mental Health

Some people meditate, some people take medication…but for many people the best way to get away from their everyday stresses and anxieties is to jump on their mountain bike and head out for a ride somewhere.

There is scientific research that shows mountain biking definitely helps improves your overall mental health.

There are many reasons for this – as with most forms of physical exercise, the Endorphins and Serotonin are released into your bloodstream, which gives you an overall great feeling. However, there are other factors that contribute to improved mental health. This includes being in nature (there is now actually a science called Ecotherapy), spending time with friends and being able to achieve something for which you set a goal.

The infographic below from UpPedal.com talks a little more about the mental health benefits of mountain biking.

How much does mountain biking help you in reducing your stress and anxiety? Please share your thoughts and experiences with us!

5 ways mountain biking is good for your mental health
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