5 Of The Best Careers That Keep You And Other People Fit & Healthy!

best fitness careersYou might not think it, but there are a plethora of career opportunities out there for people that enjoy keeping fit on the job! For many people, the idea of working in a role that allows them to stay in top form physically is a dream come true. For others, they’d enjoy their trade even more if they could encourage others to get and stay fit with them!


If you enjoy working out and helping other people lead a healthier life, you need to check out these five career choices. They might be a perfect fit for both your career and health goals! Here they are:

yoga instructor

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

1. Yoga Teacher


One of the fastest growing and most popular ways to keep your body and mind healthy is yoga. It’s something that millions of us do each year, with even more people keen to learn about it.


If you enjoy yoga, you might love teaching it to a group of individuals on a regular basis! You can work for a gym, for example, or provide yoga lessons as a self-employed person. However you wish to get paid, one thing’s for certain: you’ll never have a shortage of work!

2. Personal Trainer

It’s no secret that a lot of people from all walks of life spend a great deal of their spare time in the gym. However, there are lots of folks that feel they could benefit from a structured fitness regime. As a personal trainer, your job is to determine your client’s needs and help them achieve their fitness goals.


Once you get personal training certification, you can work as a trainer for any gym you like. Of course, if you have an entrepreneurial spark in you, another option is to offer your services on a freelance basis.

personal trainer

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

3. Ski Instructor


Do you live in an area that gets frequented by skiers during the winter season? If so, another career idea you should consider is a ski instructor. As the name suggests, your job is to teach people how to ski!


If you love to travel, you could even get ski instruction work in some of the world’s most famous skiing locations, such as the French Alps.

Football Coach

A career in something related to fitness isn’t just about showing people how to do stuff in a gym or on the slopes of a snowy mountain. If you’re a keen football or soccer fan, you may wish to offer your services as a football coach.


Part of your job is to teach players how to stay in shape, yes. But, the other part is about strategy! You can work with your players to show them the right moves to score more goals on the field.

football coach

Image Source: Pixabay

Firefighter Instructor


Last, but not least, there’s one job that teaches people how to stay fit and healthy while helping others at the same time. I am, of course, talking about a firefighter instructor! As the title suggests, your aim is to teach trainees how to be at their physical peak. After all; speed and strength is a big requirement when you want to be a firefighter.

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