4 Reasons The Core Is The Foundation Of Health

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“Core” has become a buzzword in recent years. Thanks to the rise of yoga and pilates, you know that a strong core is essential to your health and wellbeing. Still, it’s more of an afterthought than an area of your body that you try to train.

You want to tone up and lose weight, so they are your main goals. Anything else is a bonus that you’ll gladly accept! In reality, a high level of core fitness is the foundation of your fitness goals, regardless of what they are and their difficulty.

Continue reading to find out why the foundation of your health is your core.

Core Muscles Are Involved In Every Activity

Have you ever been working out and thought “I can’t do this!”? One of the reasons it feels as if your lungs are about to explode and your limbs fall off is a lack of core strength. The muscles required to perform pretty much any exercise are found throughout the spine of your body.

Not only do they increase cardio systems and muscle mass and power, but they are vital for balance and stability, too. Therefore, when you train your core, you improve your body as a whole and improve the chances of working out harder for longer.

The Core Tones Your Abs

It’s tempting to look at people with toned abs and assume they are showing off because they’re vain. Maybe there is some truth in it, yet the reality is that strong abs are integral to your overall health. When you talk about your foundation, you’re referring to the abdominal muscles.

Therefore, aside from looking ripped, you’re targeting the principal part of your body that impacts your health. Sure, there are other areas, such as your lower back and chest, yet there’s no need to fret – training the core focuses on those, too!

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You Don’t Need A Gym

Anything that involves building muscle mass or toning up instantly makes you think of a gym. With a membership, you have access to the best equipment to assist you in your training program. The dark side of gyms is enough to put people off exercising altogether, however.

Thankfully, basic home exercises are available for your core. For those who want to take it one step further, you can invest in the best stepper machine for home and bring the gym to your doorstep. Why bother leaving the house when you’ve got everything you need on the property?!

Your Core Prevents Injuries

As somebody who loves working out, you like to exercise several times a week. Unfortunately, this puts you at risk, especially if the exercise involves flexion and rotation of the spine. By repeating these types of activities, you can do serious damage to your back. 

The good news is that you can prevent your body overextending by focusing on exercises that stabilize the body. Yes, that means the dreaded plank or squat, both of which are popular examples of activities that train the core.

Do you struggle to hit your fitness targets? Do you think a stronger core could help?

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