Winter Workout Motivation Tips

Motivating yourself to work out is the biggest hurdle that most people face when they’re trying to get fit. In the summer, it isn’t so bad. It’s quite nice to go for a run through the park when the sun is shining. But when the sun goes away and the cold of winter sets in, it gets harder and harder to motivate yourself. Most people tend to hit the gym after work, but when it’s already dark outside by the time you finish, it’s easy to convince yourself to go straight back to your warm house. If you start neglecting your workout during winter, all of that momentum you’ve built up over summer will disappear and all of your progress will be quickly lost. Only the most dedicated people will get the results that they are looking for, and you need to be dedicated all year round. If you’re struggling to get out there and exercise during the winter, check out these tips to help you find your motivation again.


running in snow


Get Changed Before You Leave Work


This is a simple tip, but it works well. If you’ve planned to go to the gym straight from work, get changed into your gym stuff before you leave the office. Being in all of the gear will already put you in the workout mindset, so you’re more likely to drive straight to the gym. You’ll also feel pretty stupid if you go straight home and get there dressed in workout gear. Getting ready beforehand also saves you time when you arrive so the whole process doesn’t seem as lengthy.




People often underestimate the power that music has to change your mood. Listening to fast paced music on a good pair of headphones for running will increase your heart rate and the pace that you run at. Listening to music also shuts out the outside world and so, even though the temperature hasn’t changed, by putting all of your focus into the music, you won’t notice just how chilly it is outside.


Workout DVD’s


Every Christmas there seems to be a new workout fad with some celebrity making a video that promises to make you beach body ready in half an hour. They aren’t usually as good as they claim to be, but they’re still a decent workout. Chances are, you’ve got some laying around somewhere so why not dig them out. Being able to exercise at home without having to brave the cold means that you’re more likely to do it. Even if you haven’t got any DVD’s at home, there are so many free workout videos online that you’ll easily be able to find one to do in the living room.


Personal Trainers


It’s easy to skip out on the gym when you’re just letting yourself down, but if you’ve arranged an appointment with a personal trainer it’s a different story. You’ll be way more reluctant to miss a day at the gym if you’ve got somebody waiting for you, and you’ve already paid for the session. Booking one or two a week will ensure you make it to the gym at least some of the time, even if you skip out the other days.


Getting motivated in winter can be difficult, but if you’re really serious about your routine, you’ll find a way.

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