Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Heart diseases have become one of the main causes of death since the past decade.

There are many ways you can keep your heart healthy, including exercising daily, quitting smoking, eating a balanced diet. Controlling your blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure can also keep your heart muscles in good shape.

Each year almost 15,000 people die of heart attacks and other heart risks. The Heart Foundation, in Australia, conducted research that reveals most people between the ages of 35-60 are at the risk of developing heart conditions at some point in their life.

While heart conditions are scary, it’s never too late to improve your heart health. In fact, you can change the situation if you’re willing to. But, before you make any modifications, step back and look at your lifestyle, your habits and evaluate how a change can impact your life and your health.Blood pressure

Here are 6 simple ways that you can follow to keep your heart healthy.

Know the Risks

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the topmost killer leaving cancer behind. The main reasons as per the Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking and unhealthy eating habits.

Being obese, diabetic, not exercising enough, and excessive use of alcohol are also key factors that put you at a greater risk for heart problems.

To keep your heart healthy it is important to give up unhealthy habits, exercise daily for at least 20-30 minutes. You also need to give up smoking and coordinate your diet plans with your nutritionist to balance the cholesterol and blood sugar levels in your body.

Exercise Daily

Researchers from the American Heart Association suggest 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week to reduce the risk of heart diseases. Even if you can’t complete a 40 minutes workout in one go, an evening brisk walk session for 20 minutes each day will do just fine.

Also, if you dread working out that much, then you need to change the way you think. Stop treating exercise as a hard and painful task instead think of it as your play time- a time to relax and stretch to focus on your body. A positive attitude always helps in developing positive habits.

Eat Right

If you know certain ingredients and foods are harmful to your health, then there are also certain foods that will help you prevent any heart diseases and risks.

To keep your heart healthy The Heart Foundation suggests a healthy eating plan that comprises balanced nutrition, raw vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, reduced dairy fat, seafood, unsaturated fats and foods containing Omega 3.

Doctors strictly recommend avoiding fried foods, saturated fats, and too much salt. Extra salt leads to high blood pressure – one of the most common causes of death in adults.

Consult your Doctor Regularly

One of the most important tasks on your checklist should be regular visits to your doctor for checkups. Your general heart checkups may include blood pressure, cholesterol levels, your lifestyle and eating habits.

Research suggests that mental health problems like anxiety, depression and other health issues also significantly influence your heart.

It’s important to talk to a professional or therapist to seek treatment for mental health issues. It is a known fact, if you’re mentally healthy, your whole body will act accordingly too. You can contact a mental health counselor using a reliable telemedicine platform.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

RESEARCH published in the Journal of American Heart Association reveals that people who get less than 6 hours of sleep or previously suffered from metabolic problems have more chances of dying from a heart attack or stroke as compared to people with strong metabolic activities and those who get approximately 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily.

Metabolic syndrome is a mixture of multiple symptoms including increased BMI, and high cholesterol that increases a person’s risk of a heart attack and type 2 diabetes.

A good night’s sleep plays an important role in developing a healthy lifestyle. Research says, even if you suffer from metabolic syndrome but get more than 6 hours of sleep daily, you’re at the safe side.

Both men and women with at least 4 of the following factors- high blood pressure, a high level of LDL cholesterol, increased triglycerides, a high body mass index (BMI), and high blood sugar suffer from the metabolic syndrome.

Vaping is As Harmful as Cigarettes

People consider electronic cigarettes a safer option for lungs, but a study by JAMA Cardiology reveals that they are as harmful as the regular cigarettes.

The research states that people who smoked e-cigarettes once a year had a higher adrenaline rush and more oxidative stress in their bodies than people who never smoked an e-cigarette. It is known that increased adrenaline hormones in the body increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Whereas the oxidative stress can inhibit the body’s ability to identify radicals linked to heart conditions, which is why both, oxidative stress and increased adrenaline are proven to cause serious heart problems.

Although e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, it transfers a heated mixture of nicotine and flavors from your mouth to the lungs, which can damage the blood vessels and your heart in the long run.


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James Crook is a passionate blogger who loves to write on health and fitness related topics. Currently, he is a working as a blogger for a Physical Fitness Dr Wilson shoulder Surgeon. Follow @jamescrook911 for more updates.

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