Turbo Charge Your Fitness In 2018 With These New Trends

turbo charge your fitness


Shake off those winter blues and get going with a brand new training regime for 2018. Perhaps you’ve found your current workout is becoming a little dull and repetitious. Maybe you’re in a seasonal slump. Perhaps you’ve reached your limit and are ready for the new fitness activity to make you feel engaged again. We could all benefit from switching up what we do, reinvigorating our training regimes and refocusing on our goals by connecting with a new activity. The good news is, there’s a wave of new focal points for fitness that can help you to reach your 2018 ambitions. Here are the ones to watch for the new year:

Self-Limiting Movements


If you’re a fan of weighted exercises, then this new focus could be for you. Designed to strengthen muscles from the inside out, the emphasis is all on correct form and positioning, rather than number of reps or higher weights. It aims to correct imbalances developed within the muscles by incorrect previous training form, and helps to promote good posture through the basics of balance and grip. The smaller, supporting muscles are activated, creating a leaner, more streamlined look than bulking up the larger groups.

New Wave Home Fitness


More and more of us are waving goodbye to expensive gym memberships and choosing to exercise at home- with results that can be just as effective. From workout apps like Sweat that stream no -equipment workout sessions live to easy to use home gym equipment such as the Technogym that enables you to do hundreds of different exercises in your own living room. Fitness doesn’t need to involve a show- it’s a personal journey and it can be undertaken with minimal fuss in your own environment.

Low Intensity Cardio


In reaction to the trend over the last few years for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), slower paced cardio is tipped to be a hot fitness trend for 2018. The calmer cousin of HIIT, LIIT is a new emphasis on prolonged, steady-state exercise rather than frenetic bursts of activity. Done over a longer time period, at a lower rate, it can burn just as many calories without being as brutal. It’s as simple as walking on an incline or maintaining a steady jog for 40 minutes. The idea is that it’s far less stressful on the body – and too much physical stress can actually lead to weight gain, especially around the midsection, as it releases a hormone called Cortisol.

Gymnastics Training


No longer the preserve of teenagers only, gymnastic training has emerged as a key fitness trend thanks to its focus on gaining skills alongside improving your health. A sport where the mental challenge is equal to the physical holds great appeal now, and lots of gymnastic training gyms have recently opened for public classes. Working on equipment like rings and bars is great for developing strength and mobility, and many who have grown bored of the regular gym are finding gymnastics a great way to reinvigorate their fitness plans.


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