Triathlon Training: The Ultimate Way To Get Fit

Getting fit is all about trying new things and aiming to push yourself harder each and every day. If you do the same workout routines every week, you’ll eventually get stuck and see no progression. You need to switch things up and so things you’ve never done before.


This segways nicely into the main focus of today’s piece; triathlon training. A triathlon is the ultimate fitness and endurance test. It’s a three-part race that involves swimming, cycling, and running – all after one another. Training for this event is incredibly intense, and a fantastic way to switch up your training and get super fit. Therefore, I’m going to talk you through all three main parts of triathlon training to show you what to expect and how amazing it can be.


group swim


A triathlon involves open water swimming, which can be much harder than pool swimming because of the waves and the current. Plus, as you’ll see on the Trisuit website, you need to wear a wetsuit of sorts too. So, this adds to the difficulty, which creates intense training routines. First, you’ll swim in a pool and really practice getting the right pace up and learning how to get into a good stroke routine. Then, you’ll find swimmable waters and get yourself used to swimming outside. During this, you’ll see a massive increase in core strength & stability, as well as incredible body fat loss and lean muscle growth. Swimming is a wonderful training method for any fitness goals.



Cycling is the second part of a triathlon and really works your legs. The best ways to train are either on an exercise bike or by cycling on a real bike. If you’re thinking about entering a triathlon for real, I suggest cycling the course route over and over to get used to it. You can also include leg training to really build up your quad muscles to help with endurance during cycling. In general, cycling lots is a great way to develop leg muscles anyway.


group running


Finally, there’s running. Running has long been a popular way of losing body fat and improving endurance. While training for a triathlon, you need to get on the treadmill or go for a run every day. Start off with short distances and build up until you reach the distance for the triathlon. Personally, I’d train to run further than that distance as you’ll be confident of completing it. Running also improves core strength, tones your legs – particularly calves – and burns fat.


You train for each individual part of the triathlon, then put it all together. This is the most intense part of the training regime as you have to get used to doing everything one after the other.


Even if you’re not planning on taking things seriously and signing up for a triathlon, this training regime is very beneficial. It targets fat loss, lean muscle growth, and improved cardio endurance. Give it a go if you’ve hit a wall with your training and want to switch things up to see more progression.


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