Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

For one reason or another, the idea of getting involved in team sports or groups has fallen away over recent years. Maybe people don’t have the flexibility to make being part of a team possible, maybe the organisational aspects of it are too tough, or maybe it is the fear of commitment that is having an effect. It could just be the whole choosing a sport and picking a team that is the biggest obstacle. Whatever it is, more and more people are choosing to workout as individuals, whatever their preferred exercise may be.


From our point of view, this is a shame, it’s a sad state of affairs and, most of all, it could be detrimental to your motivation, goals and results. After all, it doesn’t matter whether you pull on a netball jersey or track singlets, playing as part of a team can have such a positive effect on your life, both in terms of fitness and interaction.


Anyway, to help you understand just how amazing team sports can be, we’ve pulled together a list of the big benefits that stand out the most. Who knows, this article could be the start of something amazing.


  1. Nothing Beats Encouragement

More often than not, we could all do with a little sprinkling of encouragement. We could all do with that little nod of good news and great feedback because it’s the one thing that keeps us moving along and keeps us motivated more than anything else. That’s what a team gives each other. It is being part of something more than just yourself, where each person wants to lift those around them and bring out their very best.


  1. Focus Becomes Focal

One of the most beneficial parts of being part of a team is how much it focuses you. Why? Simple. You suddenly have the happiness of a team to care about and, not only that, but your contribution to it and the success you have together, and that is one heck of a motivator. You have a common goal to focus on, whether that is giving your all until the final whistle or producing your best performance as a unit; building a strong team becomes the focus.


  1. Come On, Communication

It doesn’t matter whether you are in the heat of a deadlock game or just enjoying a bit of midweek training, one of the most important skills in a team is clear communication. It’s knowing how to motivate those around you, how to lift them, how to help them recover from a mistake, how to publicly recognize their strengths and how you can complement each other so that your individual weaknesses don’t matter. What this will do is build your self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as the confidence and esteem of all those around you.


  1. A Group Of Friends

You may well have met one another because of the team you all joined to join, but you will find is your relationships explode into the big wide world. You create a friendship group outside of the game, you have people who will keep you on track with your fitness goals and your life, you have friends that love doing what you love doing – it’s amazing. It’s the best part of it all.

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