foods for sleep

What Foods Should You Be Eating for Better Sleep?

  The choices we make in the kitchen can affect many different aspects of our lives: weight, health, even sleep. The physical and mental health impacts [...]
Mushroom man Jeff Chilton

Ep 129 The Mushroom Man – Jeff Chilton

Today's guest is Jeff Chilton. He's an ethno-mycologist from the PNW and has been raising mushrooms since 1973. He was responsible for bringing fresh shiitake [...]

Ep 121 What is Orthorexia? w/ Renee McGregor

Have a healthy attitude toward food. Renee McGregor is a leading Performance and eating disorder specialist dietitian with over 15 years' experience working [...]

Ep 117 Gut Health w/ Wade Lightheart

In this episode, gut health expert, Wade Lightheart, shares how important gut bacteria is to preventing infection, digesting food and absorbing the nutrients [...]
Dr. Glenn Livingston, character vs willpower

Ep 109 Willpower vs Character w/ Dr. Glenn Livingston

I first spoke to Dr. Glenn Livingston about six months ago on LiveFitPodcast episode 103. He has a different approach to overcoming binge eating. An approach, [...]
ep 106 Doctor's Nutrition Dr. Lewis

Ep 106 Doctor’s Nutrition w/ Dr. & Janet Lewis’

Dr. Stephen Lewis and Janet have a long history of helping people achieve their maximum potential. Dr. Stephen Lewis stays current on the latest research [...]
Naim Hasan

Ep 49 – Mental Training Coach & Olympian, Naim Hasan [interview]

Naim Hasan is a Mental Training Coach who helps his clients become the best they can be and to get out of their own way. Naim has over 50 years of experience [...]
Caralyn Dea | Live Fit

Ep 12 – Caralyn Dea, Nutrition Educator, Chocolate Taster, Entrepreneur, Adventurer

Nutrition Educator, Entrepreneur, Adventurer In this episode of the Live Fit Podcast, I interview my Australian cousin, Caralyn Dea. She talks about her [...]
Live Fit : The Zone by Dr. Barry Sears

Ep 11 – Dr. Barry Sears, The Zone Diet

In this week's episode of the Live Fit Podcast, I am thrilled to have as my guest, the New York Times Bestselling author of The Zone, Dr. Barry Sears. Dr. [...]