Never Binge Again

135 Be a Never Binge Again Coach w/ Dr. Glenn Livingston

In this episode, Dr. Glenn Livingston, author of Never Binge Again, tells us how you can help yourself, or others, stop binge eating, and other addictions. You [...]
Rob Harsh

Ep 119 Change the Lightbulb w/Rob Harsh

Be your own guru. Rob Harsh teaches us now to take control of the direction of our lives, before it decides for us. Harsh has been an adventurer, personal and [...]
best fitness careers

5 Of The Best Careers That Keep You And Other People Fit & Healthy!

You might not think it, but there are a plethora of career opportunities out there for people that enjoy keeping fit on the job! For many people, the idea of [...]
Naim Hasan

Ep 49 – Mental Training Coach & Olympian, Naim Hasan [interview]

Naim Hasan is a Mental Training Coach who helps his clients become the best they can be and to get out of their own way. Naim has over 50 years of experience [...]