Struggling to stick to your New Year’s goals? 5 ways to make sure you achieve your goals

Whether you are a person that sets resolutions or goals for the new year, we all have things that we might want to change or improve as the year goes on. When there is a new year it can mean that mentally it is time for a new start and we can force ourselves over those hurdles that have stopped us before. But how can we stick to the changes that we want to make? Here are some new ideas to try, if you’ve set yourself some health and wellness goals this year.


Rise and shine


Give Your Self-Esteem a Boost


None of us are going to get very far with any goals that we have if we don’t feel good about what we are doing or good about ourselves. When you feel good about yourself, you are likely to want to treat your body well and take care of it. It can be a reason why so many people are overweight for such a long time as their overeating can be a form of release. So check where your self-esteem is at and it will mean your goals are much more likely to happen.


Define Your Goal


There is no point just saying that you want to get fit or lose weight. When a goal is left so open-ended like that it is far too vague and you can’t really measure it or know what it would look like when it is achieved. So do you want to be able to run a half-marathon without stopping, for example, or lose twenty pounds of fat? Be more specific and then they’re much more likely to happen.


Make it Fun!


If your goal means that you’re going to simply restrict yourself from doing anything that you enjoy, then it isn’t going to last long. If you want to get fit but don’t enjoy spin classes, for example, then don’t sign up for spin classes! Choose something else that you might enjoy like mixed martial arts through a provider like Crazy88MMA, for instance, or take up boxing, dance or Zumba. You’re going to stick to something that you enjoy doing, so you need to find an element of fun in whatever you choose.


Check Your Inner Monologue


If you’ve set yourself a goal an immediately think to yourself that you won’t achieve it or you’ll struggle, then guess what? You probably won’t achieve it! You need to rethink what you tell yourself and be more positive. Change your thinking and you will see results quicker than you had previously. Break it down and tell yourself you’ll manage it a bit at a time each day.


Drop Future-Dependent Happiness


There can be so many times in our life that we have been guilty of saying that we’ll be happy when. This isn’t going to help you at all. So drop this kind of thinking immediately. If you’re not happy now, why would being thinner or fitter or healthier make a difference? Learn to be happy as you are and then just build on improving and changing, not ‘creating’ happiness.

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