Easy Ways to Sneak Exercise into Your Day

There Are Many Ways To Sneak Exercise Into Your Day.

This article will give you easy ways to sneak exercise into your day without having to go to a gym. These tips are painless and can be used on a regular daily basis. All it takes is the willingness to make a new routine.


I’m always astounded when I see people waiting in line to use the treadmill inside a gym on a beautiful Saturday morning.  I think to myself, it’s a beautiful warm sunny day, why are so many people waiting, inside, to walk in place and go no where?  There are so many things they could be doing to get exercise.  Walking outside and breathing fresh air seems the most obvious.


This gym in reference is a mere 3 miles from the beach with many miles of paved walkways running both north and south.  There are dozens of nice, safe neighborhoods to walk through, the mountains are a short distance away to hike or bike, there are parks and green belts and even a large selection of schools with tracks and bleachers to walk or run on.  With all this, and more, why are so many people indoors?


I think the answer to this question is, people are used to going to the gym.  They get stuck in a routine or a pattern and they don’t think about what they are doing.  They know they need to exercise and you must go to the gym for for an hour and get it out of the way. It’s not fun, but they are used to it so they do it. Right?


This is certainly better than not exercising. But, I don’t believe it is the best solution for long-term success. This type of exercise becomes a chore. Or, when a person can’t make it into the gym their routine is broken and often stays broken until they need to start over again.

This is why I believe with a little creative thinking a person can sneak exercise into their everyday life and never have to go to the gym for exercise again. Certainly they can use the gym for the equipment that is available there, but sneaking exercise into your day will eliminate the need to go to the gym if you don’t want to.

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sneak exercise into your day | Live FitSneak It In

There are many ways to add exercise to your everyday life.  For example, taking the stairs burns many more calories than their passive counterparts – elevators and escalators.  Sometimes stairs are hard to find so you may need to seek them out, but your heart and legs will thank you for it in the long run.  Also, parking your car at the far end of the parking lot instead of at the closest will force you to walk a little more, thereby adding up your calories burned.  Remember, cardiovascular exercise is cumulative, so every little bit adds up, five minutes here, ten minutes there, before you know it you’ll have an hours worth of exercise saved up and you won’t need to go to the gym.  Think of how much time that will save.

Walk After Every Meal

Another good practice to get into, is walking during your lunch break.  Find a place that’s a ten to 15 minute walk from where you work, eat your lunch and then walk back.  On your walk back you will mobilize some of those calories that you just ate and cause them to go to your muscles and be used as fuel instead of heading straight for the fat cells.

Energy Makes Energy

When you get home from work in the evening, tired from the long day of sitting at a desk, try doing something instead of flopping in front of the TV.  It may be hard to believe but muscles feel tired and sore after long periods of inactivity.  Living organisms need to move.  They need exercise.  Picture amoebas, sharks, plants and hamsters; hamsters and mice have a wheel in their cage to run on.  They know they need exercise and they will do it themselves.  Take that wheel away and its muscles will atrophy, wither and it will become fat and weak and unable to run.  The same thing happens to humans.  A person feels tired from inactivity because they haven’t allowed their energy to flow. Using your energy frees up your energy to give you more energy.

When you get home in the evening try taking the dog or the kids for a walk.  Gardening or yard work are also good activities.  If you have errands to run, try riding a bike or walking instead of driving a car.  If you’re in a snowy climate, cross-country skiing is a good way to get around and burn heaps of calories.  Shoveling snow and even sledding are great ways to get exercise. You might as well make it fun, at least a little.

If you simply must watch TV, stand up, walk in place, do jumping Jacks, or pushups, etc. Anything to move your blood.Live Fit | sneak exercise into your day by Walking in place

Every Little Bit Counts

With all the modern conveniences of today, it’s very easy to do nothing physically: remote controls, microwave ovens, automobiles, elevators, all these things are great, but they are causing our society’s good health to wane.  If you can increase your physical activity by 10% you will increase your calories burned and your health by 10% also.

Start a Trend

If you have a desk job, there are a number of little things that you can do on a daily basis which add up to improved physical health and takes very little time, if any, away from your job.  Anytime you have to wait for something with your computer, say printing, opening a program or a reboot, drop and do a few pushups, crunches or squats.  Even stretching will invigorate your muscles to improve circulation and alertness.  Your co-workers may try it too.

  • While waiting to cross the street you could walk in place.  You may not look like everyone else standing and staring, but you will be the healthier for it.
  • Instead of e-mailing or calling a coworker on the phone in your office, walk to their desk.
  • Instead of hiring gardeners to care for your yard, do it yourself.
  • Gardening can be very relaxing.  So can hanging laundry out on a line to dry.  These also burn more calories then the alternatives.

Some things will take more time, but you might find you enjoy them.

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More is Better Than Less

There are many little things you can do to burn more calories.  Think of it this way; doing anything burns more calories than doing nothing.  For example, standing versus sitting, pacing versus standing, walking fast instead of walking slow all use more muscles and therefore more Calories.  You will burn more calories in cold weather, or cold water because the body has to work harder to keep the body temperature warm.

Suffice it to say, the more active you are in your ordinary, everyday life, the more calories you will burn.  Then, when you go out and play a vigorous sport like swimming, tennis, skiing or just go for a run you know you will be burning that many more calories on top of it.

So get up, get out and get moving.  Keep your body fit.


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