Sabotage | Live Fit Lean

Ep 33 – Sabotage: Are You Your Worst Enemy?

Who is Your Worst Enemy? Your boss? A classmate? A teammate or co-worker? Are You The Victim of Sabotage? Chances are, your worst enemy - Is YOU - Is [...]
Jonathan Bailor | The Calorie Myth | Live Fit Podcast

Ep 32 – The Calorie Myth with Jonathan Bailor

What Is The Calorie Myth? In this episode of the Live Fit Podcast, I interview Jonathan Bailor, author of the book The Calories Myth. He explains to us how [...]
Stretching | Live Fit Podcast

Ep 31 – Stretching: When, How & Why

This episode will give you the reasons why people don't and why they should stretch regularly, the benefits of stretching, the types of stretches you can use [...]
Sugar Battle | Live Fit Podcast

Ep 30 – The Sugar Battle: Heroes and Villains

<img height="1" width="1" alt="" style="display:none" [...]
How to stay motivated | Live Fit Podcast

Ep 29 – How To Stay Motivated

As a personal trainer and creator of Live Fit, people often ask me how to stay motivated. The good news, it is not magic, anyone can do it – with [...]
life if like a bike race | livefitpodcast

Ep 28 – Life is Like a Bike Race

This audioblog will show you that chasing goals in life is like a bike race. Last weekend I competed in a bike race. I am a competitive cyclist, but this year [...]
strength training for women | Live Fit

Ep 27 – Women, I Love You, Now Get Off of That Damn Elliptical

The Fountain of Youth is Just a Dumbbell Away - Strength Training for Women So many women kill time on stationary cardio equipment going no where with the [...]

Ep 26 – Burn More Fat, Get More Fit, Quick with HIIT

In this episode of the Live Fit Podcast I discuss how you can burn more fat and get more fit with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Better [...]

Ep 25 – Improve Your Performance [with Hydration and Electrolytes]

Improve your performance with proper hydration and electrolyte balance. In this live talk with a running group at Foot Traffic in Portland, Oregon, Glenn [...]
Live Fit | Amit Younger, Pilates On Demand

Ep 24 – Pilates On Demand with Amit Younger

Welcome followers of Pilates On Demand with Amit Younger as he shares with us how helpful Pilates is to nearly everybody for improving their health, [...]
Live Fit : Olive Gallagher

Ep 23 – Life Coach and Ethicist, Olive Gallagher [Interview]

Life Coach and Ethicist, Olive Gallagher of The Inner Bottom Line I often use the term "the bottom line" at the bottom of something I write as a way [...]
Erin Brown | Live Fit Lean

Ep 22 – I Am Erin Brown, Hear Me Roar!

I Am Erin Brown - Hear Me Roar She changed her mind - and changed her self. In this podcast, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Erin Brown from [...]
floatation therapy, flotation therapy

Ep 21 – Floatation Therapy [The Amazing Health Benefits]

You Won't Believe The Amazing Health Benefits of Floatation Therapy in an Isolation Tank. There is a growing trend of people seeking peace, quiet and [...]
bust your belly fat | Live Fit Lean

Ep 20 – Bust Your Belly Fat

Why is it so easy to gain belly fat, and so hard to lose of it? You are about to find out. The basic answer to this problem, as everybody knows is, [...]
Live Fit | 6 Tips to Losing Weight Today

Ep 19 – Lose Weight & Feel Great TODAY [6 Tips]

If you want to look and feel great use these 6 Tips TODAY  Eat a protein first thing in the morning, within 30 minutes of rising What: an egg, [...]
Live Fit | Buddhist Boot Camp

Ep 18 – Buddhist Boot Camp’s Timber Hawkeye

In this episode of the Live Fit Podcast, I interview author Timber Hawkeye of the book Buddhist Boot Camp. This book has been printed in several languages and [...]
Live Fit | Atlas Race

Ep 17 – Atlas Race, How Founder, Went from Fat to Fit

In this interview I talk with Lance Landers, the founder of Atlas Race (a running obstacle course race) and a fitness convert. I met Lance at a weekend [...]
Live Fit | Fast Weight Loss

Ep 16 – Why Fast Weight Loss is Bad For You

Why Fast Weight Loss is Bad for You Last week I posted a blog about Rachel Frederickson, the Biggest Loser contestant who shocked her trainers and the [...]
Live Fit : Dr. Loren Cordain

Ep 15 – Dr. Loren Cordain, Paleo Diet, Paleo for Athletes, & More

Founding Father of the Paleo Diet In this episode of the Live Fit Podcast, I speak one on one with Dr. Loren Cordain. He is one of the founding fathers of [...]
Live Fit : Sports Nutrition

Ep 14 – Sports Nutrition

Get The Most Out of Your Effort Do you want to get the best from your time and effort while training? It doesn't matter if you are training for a Marathon, [...]