Health Claims

Ep 83 Food Packaging Health Claims & Hype

  In this week's episode, Glenn cuts through the nonsense of Food Packaging Hype that are misleading, unsupported or irrelevant. He also gave some [...]
Intuitive eating

Ep 82 Summer’s Coming, Don’t Panic [Be Intuitive]

In this week's episode,  you will learn what it means to be an intuitive eater. Glenn clears out the clutter and explains the categories of weight loss [...]
ep 81 Tons of Fun

Ep 81 – Tons of Fun for a Cause [Live Fit America]

In this episode, we learn the latest health news that you can use to improve or maintain your good health. Also, Glenn starts a new nonprofit [...]
Tanja Shaw

Ep 80 Live Fit & Vibrant w/ Tanja Shaw

                  Tanja Shaw is the host of the Fit & Vibrant You podcast and [...]

Ep79 [WWW12] Arthitis, Achilles Tendonitis

      Wednesdays With Will continues with a discussion about Arthritis (osteo & rheumatoid). He will share what causes it and [...]
Sedentary Death Syndrome

Ep 78 Sedentary Death Syndrome

 Sit and Die or Move and Live Adapted from Galen Moron, MA and Len Kravitz PhD. from the Feb 2016 IDEA Fitness Journal.   “If we could give [...]

Ep 77 [WWW11] Weight Loss, Insulin & Redlining [Overexertion Sickness]

  In this 11th Wednesdays With Will episode, Dr. Harden discusses how you can control your weight without feeling deprived. He explains how insulin [...]
Cliff Ravenscraft | Live Fit Podcast

Ep 76 Cliff Ravenscraft is Free from the Tyranny of the Scale

The human body wants to move. It was made to move and it works best when it is active. However, modern life does not agree with this. The ramifications of [...]

Ep 75 [WWW10] Causes and Relief from Headaches, Cortisol Control

In this Wednesdays With Will episode, Dr. Harden explains Cortisol Control and some of the common causes of headaches and how they can be prevented and [...]
Why I Live Fit

Ep 74 – Why I Live Fit (and How You Can Too)

Or What Live Fit Lean Stands For: A Practical & Efficient Approach to Better Health Yes, I know that sounds boring. But, as I’ve said before, your [...]

Ep 73 [WWW9] Relieving Knee Pain, Life After Colon Cancer

  In this Wednesdays With Will episode, Dr. Harden discusses the most common causes of knee pain and how you can relieve it. Plus, he answers a [...]
Dave Smith | Motivation | Live Fit Podcast

Ep 72 Movement, Momentum, Motivation [w/ Dave Smith]

Dave Smith has been a personal trainer and weight-loss coach since 2001. He knows how to help anyone shed fat and was even chosen as Canada's Top Fitness [...]

Ep 71- [WWW8] Improve Immune Function (plus special guest)

In this Wednesdays With Will episode, Dr. Harden explains the benefits of chiropractic care and your immune function. Would you believe that you can clear an [...]
Foresight is 20/20 |Live Fit Lean

Ep 70 – Foresight is 20/20 (See into the Future and Control Your Destiny)

What’s It All About? I asked my newsletter subscribers this question a couple weeks ago. I wanted them to think about what drives them. What motivates [...]

Ep 69 [WWW7] Digestive Health

In this week's Wednesdays With Will episode, Dr. Harden explains  relationship between chiropractic care and digestive health.   In This Episode [...]
Healthy & Fit at Any Size

Ep 68 Healthy & Fit at Any Size

Many people want to lose weight. This should come as no surprise, as weight loss is one of the most popular searches on the internet, dominates book store [...]

Ep 67 [WWW6] Which Supplements You Need for Vital Health

In this week's Wednesdays With Will episode Dr. Will Harden is back to tell us which supplements are most important for a person's health and [...]

Ep 66 [WWW5] What is Inflammation and How to Deal Treat It

The Wednesdays With Will (5) series continues with details on what causes inflammation, how it harms you and what you can do about it. Dr. Will Harden [...]
episode 65

Ep 65 Dairy – It STILL Does a Body Good [w/ Greg Miller]

Dr. Greg Miller is the Chief Science Officer for the National Dairy Council. I wanted to interview him because I had several questions about the health [...]

Ep 64 [WWW4] Benefits of a Periodic Cleanse, Water Weight Loss

  In this Wednesdays With Will episode, Dr. Harden explains the Benefits of a Periodic Cleanse. We all absorb toxins. Our body does a pretty good [...]