Ep 9 – Endless Possibilities, William Shaker, Motivation, Success Setting

Ep 9 – Endless Possibilities, William Shaker, Motivation, Success Setting
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Live Fit | William Shaker, Endless Possibilities

In this podcast I interview William Shaker of the Endless Possibilities Podcast. He makes a living at helping people find the skill, motivation, and inspiration to succeed.

Mission Statements

He shared his mission statement with us: “My mission in life: I was put on this earth to be successful in life, love and business so that I can contribute to those around me.” His statement has endless possibilities, as long as he follows through.

Then he challenged me to share mine. OK, here it is: “To help one million people find good health and choose to live fit for life.”

Now I challenge you to post your mission statement, publicly. Feel free to use my comments section below.

Shaker explained that in order to be successful you need to have a “Vision” or a “What”. This is your goal or mission. Then you need to have a compelling “Why”. Why is this vision important to you? And finally, in order to achieve success, you need to have a Massive Action Plan.

Endless PossibilitiesWill dedicated episode 4 in the Endless Possibilities Podcast to goal setting. He gives a more detailed talk on proven strategies to make a goal, follow through with your action plan, and be successful. It’s worth a listen.

He reminds us that, “how you do anything, is how you do everything.” I found this particularly poignant relating to following through with the goals you set for yourself.

Will told us that he recently went to a Tony Robbins seminar, Unleash the Power Within, that left a big impact on him. He explained how motion can alter your emotion. This is great stuff to use to your advantage. Motion controls your emotion. Think of that next time you are sitting and sad. Get up and go. Move your body and you will feel better.

Many people are driven by comfort and convenience. Shaker finds this to be contrary to the path to success. He talks about this a little here, but references his podcast “Why discomfort is good for you & how to become mentally strong.”

We end this interview with Shaker’s response to my question “what motivates you to stay fit?” I won’t tell you his complete answer here, but I’ll give you a hint, he said “it’s a no brainer.”

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