Ep 65 Dairy – It STILL Does a Body Good [w/ Greg Miller]

Ep 65 Dairy – It STILL Does a Body Good [w/ Greg Miller]
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Dr. Greg Miller | DairyDr. Greg Miller is the Chief Science Officer for the National Dairy Council. I wanted to interview him because I had several questions about the health benefits of dairy, such as:

  • Should you drink raw milk?
  • Is milk helpful for weight loss?
  • Is dairy good for athletes?
  • Should a person drink whole or non-fat milk?
  • What about yogurt and cheese?
  • is Casein addicting?
  • What’s the difference between grass-fed and grain-fed dairy?
  • How did milk become part of the new ChooseMyPlate format?
  • Does dairy fat cause cardiovascular disease?
  • and many more…
These questions, and more, were answered in this 30 minute interview with Greg Miller. He is, as you can imagine, in favor of dairy products, but he gives scientific reasons why the various forms of dairy products are a low cost, high nutrition food, that most people find appealing.

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