Ep 62 – What is Functional Medicine? [w/ Christina Bergstrom]

Ep 62 – What is Functional Medicine? [w/ Christina Bergstrom]
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Functional Medicine | Live Fit Podcast 62CHRISTINA BERGSTROM M.D. ABIHM

Christina Bergstrom is a physician, teacher and mother with extensive training in Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Nutrition and Acupuncture. She has been interested in nutrition and the body’s power to heal itself since childhood and has been studying how to assist the body in creating optimal health ever since.

Her journey toward this new holistic approach began years ago when she studied biochemistry during her undergraduate years at Harvard University. She began to understand and appreciate the complexity of the body’s chemistry, but felt the need to help people more directly than she could as a researcher. She worked with Dr. Brian Berman, a physician and alternative medicine researcher for the NIH, and learned about the role that acupuncture and alternative medicine can take within a conventional medicine setting.

Inspired by the brilliant minds around her with the same interest in creating true health, she decided to study medicine to use the best of science along with her desire to connect with and help people.

From this, she created Northwest Functional Medicine where she works to find the true cause of the illness plaguing her patients.

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