Ep 50 – Nutrition, the Whole Picture, with Steve Mukensnabl

Ep 50 – Nutrition, the Whole Picture, with Steve Mukensnabl
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Steve Mukensnabl | Live Fit LeanSteve Mukensnabl is a nutrition coach at Horizon Sports.

Steve believes that feeding the body properly requires looking at the whole picture. Good nutrition requires a balance between activity level, stress level, and healthful foods. He is not in favor of micromanaging a person’s eating or extreme eating such as low carb, low fat, denial or starvation. He is a realist, but also one who recognizes that proper nutrition starts with the mind and a person’s attitude toward their food.

Steve Mukensnabl is one of the founding members of Horizon Sports. You may remember him from episode 47 when I interviewed him and his two partners, Bob and Naim. I wanted to bring Steve on the show because he has a slightly different take on eating than I do and some people who need help may relate well with him.

I, Glenn, want you to be as healthy as possible and if your current eating habits are harming you then perhaps something you hear on this podcast will help.

Steve recommends a person eats according to their state. If they are stressed, they will not benefit from high levels of sugar because that sugar will be stored more easily as fat when a person. When a person is a relaxed, or low stress state, they will be able to utilize those nutrients properly.

Steve gives us his opinion that eating animal protein is good for people, sugar is not evil, and grains should be avoided.

His key philosophy is that a person needs to know what kind of state they are in in order to feed properly. He spoke about the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system activation and what that means to your nutrition and health.


  • Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) – a.k.a. “fight or flight” response is activated when a person is experiencing stress. This stress can come from physical or emotional sources. It doesn’t matter to the body where this stress originates, the body will respond by slowing digestion, increasing blood glucose, elevating heart rate, blood pressure and respiration. All of these things are great in emergency situations for short periods of time. Buy, when SNS is activated for extended periods of time, or too often, the physical toll on the body is very damaging.
  • Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) – a.k.a. “rest and digest” is activated when a person is in a restful state. This can be during sleep or any other time stress levels are low. More blood is directed to and from the digestive system to allow for more complete digestion and absorption and for those nutrients to transported to the regions of the body that need it. There is no downside to being in this state for prolonged periods of time.

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Mukensnable stressed the importance controlling your state for good health and weight loss.  That a person should not spend very much time with the SNS activated because it depletes adrenaline, fatigues the organs and causes fat storage.

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