Ep 39 – Athlete Eating: How Athletes Handle Holidays

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Ep 39 - Athlete Eating: How Athletes Handle Holidays
Pete Seelig TDWB - Live Fit Athlete Eating

Pete Seelig from Team Dr. Will Bar. Photo: Tim Yarnell

In this episode I interviewed six amateur cyclists from Team Dr. Will Bar to find out How Athletes Eat and Manage Their Fitness Over The Holidays. Athlete eating differs for person to person. Some gorge themselves in the off season to make up for what they didn’t get during the season, while others act mostly the same.

Do these athletes maintain their normal diligence and reject anything bad for them? Do they release all restrictions and eat everything they’ve been denying themselves all year? How about fitness? What do they do in foul weather to stay in shape?

They tell what they like to eat and what tempts them during the holidays plus how they struggle to maintain their fitness during all the time constraints the holidays add.


Some of you may ask what a serious athlete has in common with you. Allow me to break it down for you:

  1. They are real people with jobs, kids, wives and non-athletic friends.
  2. They are drawn to the sweets and treats during the holidays like most anyone.
  3. They are not looking for a professional career in athletics (so the motivation is not career or money-based).


I wanted to learn more about other athlete eating during holidays and other special occasions. So I interviewed six members of the Dr Will Bar cycling team and asked them “how do you handle the holidays in regards to your eating and exercising?” Their answers expressed their difficulties as well as their strategies to enjoying the holiday food, drink and events without ruining their health, without sacrificing their health, or fitness. It’s not always easy, but having your mind set is the underlying key to their success.

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The following members were interviewed and they said:

  • Pete Seelig – “I like gravy”
  • Vince Blaney – “portion size”
  • Joe Dengel – stay as active as possible in any way
  • Andre “Fisch” Miske – healthy versions of comfort foods
  • Matt Radich – Good genes
  • Will Hardin – no sweets

 Listen to The Interviews and Find Out About Athlete Eating Over the Holidays.

Maybe It Will Work For You Too.

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