Ep 24 – Pilates On Demand with Amit Younger

Ep 24 – Pilates On Demand with Amit Younger
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Welcome followers of Pilates On Demand with Amit Younger as he shares with us how helpful Pilates is to nearly everybody for improving their health, fitness, and well being.

Amit explains how Pilates is beneficial to athletes of all types, sedentary people, young, old, big and small. If you are a person, you will most likely benefit from Pilates. I hope you enjoy this interview with Amit. What a knowledgeable and interesting person he is.

Pilates On Demand

Amit Younger and his business partners put together a website housing hundreds of Pilates videos for all experience levels. These videos help people practice Pilates from the comfort of their own home in any amount of time that they have available. Some of the videos are as short as 10 minutes, while others are upwards of an hour. They have videos for pre and post pregnancy, athletes, men and women.

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In this episode of the Live Fit Podcast, Amit explains why Pilates is so beneficial to the human body. It is literally for everybody – even men, even athletes. Most athletes are not balanced due to extended time in their sport. This can often cause injury and poor performance. Pilates can help balance a person and strengthen the pelvic region where most power has to travel from. For general fitness, Amit said a person could be very healthy if they only did Pilates and cardiorespiratory exercises on a frequent basis. Weight training is not necessary. Because Pilates works on so many parts of the body, and uses resistance, it is not necessary to lift weight. However, it also complements everything else people do.

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  • You can find Pilates On Demand with  Amit Younger at PilatesOD.compilates on demand

 Pilates on Demand | Live Fit

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