Ep 116 – Conquer Your Addiction with Megan Peterson

Fourth Anniversary Episode

Megan Peterson

This podcast marks the fourth anniversary of the Live Fit Podcast.

It was four years ago tonight, the day after Thanksgiving, that I recorded my first episode. In that episode I described my background and why I am uniquely suited to creating a podcast about health improvement.

I had no serious goal in mind other than to see what I could do with it. Well, I’m still here and loving talking to all these amazing guests with so much knowledge.

I hope you have enjoyed them too. Please let me know. I love listener feedback.

This episode features Megan Peterson, a “telemedicine” addiction counselor. She specializes in drug and alcohol, and her techniques can be used for anything, even food addiction.


In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • Why and how Megan uses telemedicine to fight addiction.
  • How foods addictions are similar to drug addictions.
  • Why people drink Red Bull
  • Why you need a support system
  • Should you have a plan or “play it by ear”?

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