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Live Fit Podcast 100

Three years ago I began creating this podcast. Now, I’m up to episode 100 and have spoken with so many amazing and knowledgeable people who all have the same goal of helping people be as fit and healthy as possible and to avoid lifestyle diseases.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • Why I do this
  • Who instigated my career change
  • And nearly all the topics that have been covered in the last three years.

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Over the previous 99 episodes, you’ve heard about:
  • Surviving holidays in a healthy way
  • colonics
  • Crossfit, kettlebells and Olympic lifting with a friend of mine, Bridget Raach
  • goal setting, planning, willpower, success
  • Fear – of failure, of success and what to do about it.
  • Ep 8 Emotional Eating with Ed Abramson…his was one of the first books I used when creating my original Live Fit program…
  • Holistic medicine and nutrition
  • Fat loss, weight loss, quick vs slow weight loss
  • Adventure racing, running, bike riding
  • Nutrition for sports, good health, weight loss
  • EP 11, Barry Sears…His book, The Zone, is responsible for steering me into this profession. he taught me how important nutrition really is to good health. And, that sugar should be treated like a drug…
  • Timber Hawkeye from Buddhist Bootcamp
  • (one of my most popular episodes was ) ep 20  how to Lose your Belly fat,
  • Floatation meditation, ep 21 in a sensory deprivation tank
  • Ep 15, Dr. Loran Cordain who lead the Paleo movement…
  • Life coach
  • Electrolytes and hydration, lecture, ep 25
  • Different types of exercise, HIIT and how beneficial it is to improving your strength and endurance and for losing body fat.
  • Ep 30 The Sugar Battle…my wife and I. The villains of this battle
  • Ep 89 – 96 Sugar series…What is sugar, The most dangerous Kind of Sugar, David Gillespie (Sweet Poison, That Sugar Film), Michael Moss (salt sugar fat), Dr. Janet Hull (aspartame), Dr. Joel Fuhrman (the end of diabetes and others)
  • Stretching
  • The Calorie myth, 32
  • Sabotage, self, others
  • Adhering to your health improvement plan
  • Metabolic Syndrome, 44
  • Ep 45 Miracle Morning…Hal Elrod…
  • Fit for the sport of life, 47
  • Mindset
  • Ryan Correy – A Purpose Ridden 51
  • Ep 58 a 12 part (and counting) series Wednesdays With Will…with Dr. Will Harden: Cleanses, Cholesterol, cortisol, back exercises, supplements, digestive health, immune function, insulin, diabetes, EPOC, arthritis, achiles tendonitis and more. He also answered several listener questions
  • The Blood Type Diet
  • Functional Medicine, 62
  • Dairy as a health food, 65
  • How to lose fat permanently, a testimonial
  • Food packaging labels, marketing
  • Ep 84, The psychology of eating…
  • Meditate your weight, 88
  • Celebrity personal trainer,Eric 87
  • 97 Bodywise
  • Natural pharmacist
  • Comfortably Unaware, with Dr Richard Oppenlander, 99...
As your Guide to Better Health, I’ve learned a few things from the last 99 episodes.
I hope you have benefited from these episodes. I put a lot of effort into them. I don’t get paid, I have no advertising, that’s why I ask that you help out with a donation to cover the costs of hosting, etc.
I do this because I believe we can all be more healthy and fit then we probably are. many of us are missing a piece of knowledge, others don’t realize the value in good health. Whatever the case is for you or someone you care about, I want to help. I will continue you bring you innovative ideas, research, testimonials, etc. of ways to incorporate good health into your lifestyle.
One thing that I’ve seen limits a lot of people is the need for comfort. Or the avoidance of discomfort. I understand, I don’t want to be uncomfortable either. But, when this is the most important thing in a person’s life, then their health WILL suffer. It is simply not possible, or healthy to no feel discomfort.
The discomfort I’m referring to can come from exercising, eating healthy, or simply not wanting to break your routine or habit of what you eat or do (not do). But I would like to strongly encourage you to get out of your comfort zone. Because that is where life starts getting good. That is where you can take charge or your life and the direction it goes. If you are unhappy with your body, mind, job, finances, it is time to do something different.
This summer I did several things that took me out of my comfort zone. They were ultimately fun, but it was really tough to make that jump from safe and familiar to the unknown.
I: Indoor skydived, mountain biked, played drums in a band, helped write a song for that band, and began the habit of meditating daily. There were several other things I did for the first time, or new again that took a little self reassurance.
The bottom line is, I was glad afterward. Even if it wasn’t pleasant at the time, I was glad I did every one of those things. I say this because one of the main reasons people don’t lose weight, despite how much they say they want to is because they don’t want to leave their comfort zone. They don’t want to change their habits that they have grown so comfortable with. They may also be uneasy with the unknown – once again, that is the comfort zone thing.
But I say, get out there. Do something knew. Do something scary. Be bold. Be beautiful. Be new. Be you. Changing a habit is not easy. But it is worth it. I’ve helped hundreds of people change their habits to improve their eating or physical activity, to give up smoking or alcohol, or simply to have a positive mindset so they can move forward.
Habit change takes time, but getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is your first step. You can’t lose weight if you won’t change the way you are living.
What is most important to you?

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