The Need-To-Knows Of Weight Training

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Knowing where to start with weight training is no mean feat. There are experts out there who will be able to guide you specifically along the lines which will be able to build you up to where you need to be, but unless you know them or know that what they’re saying is good information, you could be doing more harm than good. Generally speaking, starting off small is a good way to go. Don’t overstretch your body to reach a potential that it hasn’t geared itself up for. Instead, follow these tips.


Know Your Weights


There are so many different types of weights for you to use – but when you are starting out, you are more likely to encounter dumbbells and kettlebells. There are different exercises for you to perform with both, and they can be used in conjunction with one another rather than just opting for one and cutting out the other. Finding out how to choose the best kettlebell or dumbbell for what you are doing is a matter of personal taste as well as building up to what you want to do; it’s important to listen to the guidelines of your gym instructor. On from these there are bench weights and other equipments that focus on specific parts of your body, such as your back or your legs. Getting to know the equipment before you start out will really put you in a good place to getting on with a sound knowledge of what you need to use.


Know Your Limits


As aforementioned, don’t push yourself too much. Set yourself up a routine that won’t completely break you in the first few rounds – that way, you are more likely to go back and do it again, adding on a little bit more each time. The more gradually that you ease yourself into a workout routine, the more that you will be able to see your progression as time goes on. It’s okay to tell your trainer that you don’t want to do something, or not broach out onto a particular set that you don’t feel comfortable with. Give yourself a chance to take it all in.


Know Your Goal


Setting yourself a goal is quite an arbitrary measure, but one that will need completing if you have a focus in mind. That way, you know that you are aiming towards something – be it a specific look that you are going for or a timespan that you need to work within. Providing yourself with a goal to aim towards is more about knowing yourself and your capabilities, and moving beyond these – so breaking boundaries that you have given yourself. It’s what weight training is all about. You start off at the beginning having no knowledge of anything that you’re doing, and at the end you should turn out to be a completely different person with all the knowledge, tips and tricks in the world to provide to another learner who is starting out just like you did.

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