Live Fit Lean Will Help You

Break the Cycle of Bad Eating Habits

Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine

Create a Fit, Strong & Healthy Body

Live Fit has helped me control my eating, I no longer feel the need to overeat. I’ve lost about 35lbs, brought my cholesterol down to a healthy level and my agility and stamina at tennis hasn’t been this good since I was in my 20s.”  ~Wayne L.

What is Live Fit Lean?

Live Fit Lean is for anybody who wants to improve their health, fitness and relationship with food.

As long as you have a desire and the will to make some changes to improve,
then you are a good fit.

Live Fit Lean will help you learn to eat and exercise intuitively.

All Plans Include the Following

    • Instant Access
    • Simplicity
    • Hormone control
    • Weekly Email
    • Motivation
    • Weekly Challenges
    • Daily Exercise Program
    • No Calorie Limits
    • Low Carb Meal Plan
    • Personalized Recipes
    • Shopping Lists
    • Snack Lists


Good For People Who

    • Are confused by diet advice
    • Are ready to break their current cycle of bad eating
    • Are ready to kick it up a notch
    • Are 20 to 60 lbs overweight
    • Can follow a recipe
    • Love food
    • Don’t belong to a gym (or don’t use it often enough)
    • Work well on their own and have experience exercising
    • Want real change – NOW!
    • Don’t want to ever diet again

This Program Will

    • Reset your eating
    • Manage your fat storage and hunger hormones
    • Give you a meal plan to cover all 28 days
    • Give you the Recipes for the meal plan
    • Give you a shopping list
    • Give you a weekly workout program – that does not require a gym membership
    • Help you reshape the bad habits that are bringing you down

This Program Includes

    • Instant access to the complete program
    • Weekly email coaching and motivation emailed to you every Sunday night
    • Weekly challenges to encourage activity and habit formation
    • Meal plan for all 28 days
    • Recipes for meal plan
    • Shopping list
    • Snack list
    • Daily and weekly exercise program
    • Peace of mind
    • A new you


Start Now and Live Fit Lean for only $97


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 Live Fit Lean will help you lose fat, not muscle & kick your poor eating habits out of your life.


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