How CBD Can Improve Your Sex Life?

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Are you wondering if your sex life can get a boost? Yes, CBD has the potential to improve your sex life and to use the product before engaging in sex can improve the experience. The reason is, your body has an inbuilt endogenous cannabinoid system which is a critical physiologic system in your body. The phytocannabinoids in the sativa bind with your cannabinoid system, which then delivers a great sex experience.


1. CBD Helps You to Get Out of Your Head and Change Your Mood When Having Sex

CBD oil for mood disorder


Most people experience a lot of anxiety and stress in the bedroom, which causes them to perform poorly or not even have sex at all. If you’re experiencing such issues, then CBD is what you need as it can help you slow down the thoughts that kill your mood in bed. You can also use other marijuana products like feminized marijuana seeds, but if you don’t want to get high, then CBD can be your best option.

Dr. Felice Gersh who is a certified gynecologist and obstetrician says that CBD oil can help you change how you think about your appearance or even your sexual appeal as most people end up performing poorly in bed as they tend to overthink about how they look and if their partners love that about them.

CBD oil helps you to reduce your self-consciousness about how you look or about your sexual appeal, which allows you to relax hence having a more enjoyable sexual experience.

How It Works

CBD works hand in hand with your endocannabinoid system, (a vital combination of receptors on your body that help in regulating the nervous system), immune system, and your body organs. According to Dr. Gersh, these body receptors help in reducing the effects of anxiety on your brain when your body’s endocannabinoids activate them. CBD contains the same stress-reducing properties as endocannabinoids, so when you use CBD, it helps you lower your stress and anxiety levels when in the bedroom hence improving your sex performance.

So, the more stress-free you feel, the more you are likely to have better sex.

2.  Cbd Can Help You in Reducing Pain When Having Sex

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Some people experience some chronic pains such as fibroids, muscle spasms, pelvic floor pain, and endometriosis. If you are experiencing pain due to vaginal dryness or due to a lot of irritation at the opening of the vaginal area during sex, then CBD products like the CBD balm can help you in reducing the pain. Using CBD can, therefore, help you have more enjoyable and comfortable sex as it helps in reducing that kind of pain.

According to Dr. Goldstein, who is the founder of the Bespoke Surgical and a certified expert in wellness and queer sex healthiness, men experiencing erectile dysfunction can also benefit significantly from using CBD. Cannabidiol helps in increasing the nerve sensation and blood flow, which, as a result, helps in enhancing your sexual pleasure and even in intensifying your orgasms and those of your partner too.

3. Using Cbd Helps You to Connect More with Your Partner During Sex

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When you use CBD in the right dosages and consumptions methods, it can help you and your partner to be more open with each other both in your regular conversations and also when having sex. CBD does that by lowering your inhibitions and activating your positive endorphins. A good connection is crucial for you to have great sex, not just in long term relationships but also in casual hookups as it makes you feel more comfortable and connected with your sex partner.

It is, however, crucial that you remember that there’s no specific approach when it comes to how you can use CBD to improve your sex life. Why? CBD affects different people in varying ways as it all depends on some factors such as the mass index of your body, and if you are male or female (CBD effects vary in men and women). While CBD can help you in increasing your libido greatly, it could improve somebody else’s libido in lesser percentages or even not help them at all.

The good thing is that you’ll always find the dosing recommendations on the CBD products of your choice. So, always ensure you take the right dosages to get the effects you expect. Also, if you are a newbie in using CBD, it is important that you consult a doctor or professional in CBD products so he/she can give you recommendations on how you can use CBD correctly and safely.

There is still a lot of research that scientists need to do regarding the benefits of CBD in improving one’s sex life. However, if you use it correctly, then it will undoubtedly help you in making your sex life better.


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