Getting Your Day Off To A Flying Start

Why is it that so many of us have a hatred of the morning time? After all, this is a brand new day, full of possibilities, and what isn’t exciting about that?! In all likelihood, we don’t have a natural dislike of waking up and facing the day. We’re just not doing it quite right. If you ever find yourself cursing the morning and angrily throwing your alarm clock away, you might just want to take our following advice…

Getting Your Day Off To A Flying Start


Getting Outdoors


You’re tired when you wake up, and we promise that you’ll feel great as soon as your mind and body feels awake. So what’s the best thing you can do? Why, get outside for a short run of course! A quick three mile jog in the morning will make you feel like a million dollars by the time you actually get to the point of doing something. The good thing is that you don’t have to prepare or go to any great lengths – you don’t even need to be fully awake! Just throw on your running equipment and head outside for twenty minutes.


A Cold Shower


Getting people to go for a morning run is difficult; getting them to have a cold shower is nigh on impossible. But do it once after a long run and you’ll never go back to hot showers. Aside from having a number of health benefits, cold showers make our body feel amazing. It’s the best way to feel alert and ready to attack the day. But fair warning: your body only feels amazing after the shower, not during it. Unless you can tune in to your inner Wim Hof…


Taking in the Good Stuff


After you’re go, go, go morning of running and cold showers, you’ll need to prepare yourself energy-wise for the day ahead. All too often people settle for food that has no nutritional value to speak of. Fill up with something that’ll actually do you good, and top it off with a Juicer Cruiser recommended fruit juicer. You’ll have all the right things inside you, which is essential if you want to reap the benefits of that early morning jog!

coffee in the A.M.


The Silent 20 Minutes


The next phase is to get your mind into the right space. When we wake up, our thoughts are everywhere. Sometimes, if we have a long commute and a busy morning, it’s not until lunchtime when we’re really able to get our thoughts processed. Instead, pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy twenty minutes of just…nothing. Let your mind slowly come alive. It’ll put you in a happy, thoughtful frame of mind, which is a necessary antidote to today’s hectic lifestyles.


What’s on for the Day?


And now…to make a plan! What do you want to achieve for today? What do you have to do? Whatever it is, keep it as a list. You’ve got your day off to a flying start so there’s no reason why it won’t all be achieved come nighttime!

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