Get Off The Snack Wagon

There are plenty of great ways to improve your fitness. Many of them are tough to fit into a busy lifestyle. You find you have to time your meals around them to ensure you’re achieving the best results you can. You shouldn’t eat right before swimming twenty lengths. Don’t drink a whole liter of water before running that half marathon. When there are even more scheduling challenges to your workout, it just adds to the risk that you won’t do it all. Even worse is the risk that you’re relying on snacks to sustain you as you work harder in shorter bursts.


Re-Balance Your Meals

Meals can be carefully balanced to give you all the carbs and nutrition you need to energize you for the day ahead. Snacks, unfortunately, tend to be impulsive “hole fillers” that we reach for when we’re starting to feel that sugar low. You might grab a snack bar from a vending machine because you’re about to workout and miss your mealtime. It’s obvious this isn’t a healthy approach, but what else can you do in a hurry?



Better Scheduling

The first thing to tackle is your scheduling. If you think you’re going to work late and start your exercise session late, then plan for that. It might be something as simple as packing a healthy snack to graze on, like nuts. Or you might opt for a piece of fruit if you feel your blood sugar might hit a low. Raisins are ideal because they have a similar texture to gummy candies and are full of natural sugar to help you get through.


Sooooo Hungry

Those tummy rumbles always ring alarm bells, especially if other people hear it. Hunger can plague you when you’re upping your workouts too. Reduce your hunger by adjusting your calorie and slow-release carbs. There are products like Lovidia that might assist with this too. Some people claim that upping their protein improves their satiety too. This might be related to strength-building workouts.


Calm And Clear

If you ever sit at work staring at the screen until you finally give in and grab a snack, you might be suffering from workplace stress. This can be the result of boredom if your projects and tasks fail to adequately challenge or interest you. Stress can also occur if you feel you have too much to do and too little time to do. You sit there doing nothing! Rather than try to boost your energy levels with snacks to spur you on, go the other way. Book in for a massage, or take an energizing Yoga class. Just avoid the snack!


Friday Again?

Many offices are guilty of cake Friday (as well as Monday through Thursday), and this is really hard to resist. It boosts your social engagement with colleagues as well as your sugar intake! Should you push them aside and place a platter of healthy options instead? It’s difficult to know how your actions will be taken by others in the office. Perhaps if they’re on your desk, you’ll be more inclined to eat the healthy options instead of getting up for cake? Can you stay off the snack wagon this week?


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