All The Gear But No Idea? Gym Workout Must-Haves

Many people enjoy going to the gym and working out. They may choose to attend an aerobic class where you have a specific routine to follow or simply use some of the popular gym equipment that might be available to you like a treadmill or cross trainer. Whichever way you prefer to exercise, one thing many of us can have in common is the desire to look good but also to be wearing the right type of clothing.


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The expression “all the gear but no idea” springs to mind for some gym-goers, especially if it is their first time. It isn’t about highlighting their newness to an exercise regime, but it is more about being informed of the type of activewear you need to be wearing and the right sort of things you need with you for a successful workout. I thought I would share with you some of the best gym must-haves. For any new or old pro of exercising at the gym, some of these may come in handy.


Wearable Technology


There has been an increase in wearable technology recently, and some of it can be hugely beneficial to you in a gym environment. Things like a Fitbit or Apple Watch can log your workouts and heart rates, the amount of steps you take and even how many calories you are potentially burning off. Making it easier than ever to track your progress and keep tabs on your fitness journey.


The Right Sort of Active Wear


Let’s be honest here, you can’t head to the gym in casual clothes, your work attire or run on the treadmill in your jeans. We all need some sort of activewear to make the gym session and exercise comfortably while enabling our body to move freely and our skin to breath as our heart rate increase. This is when having a decent pair of workout leggings or tracksuit pants teams with a vest or t-shirt is the ideal combination for working out. Many people go over the top and look like they have stepped out of a tv advertisement, but the main principle is to be comfortable and cool while exercising.


Protecting Your Feet and Muscles


Your footwear is equally as important and can be dependant on the type of exercise you wish to take. The main concern is the sole of the trainer that you are wearing. They need to be cushioned enough so that when you are doing something high impact or with a high-intensity level, that the vibrations from your foot up through your body are not going to be causing harm to your muscles. There are, of course, variations as to the type of footwear you can have. Running trainers, trainers specific for sports like tennis shoes or aerobic pumps. Make sure you are wearing the right footwear for the exercise you want to take and protect those muscles.


I hope that this has made you more aware of the main things to consider when it comes to what to wear for the gym.

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