Fun Sports To Try In The New Year

Fun Sports To Try In The New Year

Now that the end of the year is close by and we are looking for new ways to spend our time after Christmas is over, there might be a few ideas to cross your mind. The new year is always a time for a fresh start and it can also be the ideal time to have some fun. So if you are bored of the same old gym sessions or five a side footy every week, here are some fun sports for you to give a try next year!




If you fancy learning some serious self-moves as well as a new sport in the new year, judo could be the ideal option for you. Judo is a martial art which is accessible to anyone and you can find a a quick tutorial about tying a karate belt for your first few sessions here to get you started. This sport is all about precision and technique and it can be a super fun one to try with a friend or your partner in the new year.


Dodge Ball


Believe it or not, dodge ball isn’t just for those gym sessions where your teacher forgot to plan a proper lesson… it is a legitimate sport which is played all over the world and it can be super fun to play with a few friends. If you enjoy getting out your anger through activity then there is no better sport for you to try in the next few months!


Water Polo


For a sport which is widely different to anything you have ever done, water polo can be the most exhilarating and exciting thing you have tried this year. It involves a good swimming record and some great ball skills and you can wow your friends and family by playing in matches for your local area in tournaments. The other great thing about this sport is that it tones the whole body at once so it acts like a gym session in itself!




If the idea of jumping up and down on a trampoline as a sport is appealing to you then you are definitely in the right place. You can practice trampolining in several different ways such as in a trampoline aerobics class, a gymnastics setting or simply at your local trampoline park! It is a diverse sport and you will feel like a big kid again when you give it a try.


Ultimate Frisbee


For anyone who likes to play with their pet in the local park with a Frisbee, you can actually do this as a legitimate sport with an ultimate Frisbee team in your local area! You can try your hand at row far and wide and try to get the Frisbee into the various nets on the course. It’s kind of like golf but rather than hitting a ball into a hole, you are throwing your Frisbee into a net.


Ice Skating


If you want to try and learn a whole new skill and something which you could turn into a real hobby down the line, ice skating could be ideal for you. It’s ok if you look like a baby giraffe in the ice right now, because with practice makes perfect and you can really make a fun hobby out of learning the various moves and jumps which come with the sport. It can be a great choice for relaxing after a stressful day and you can really let the ice take you away.




For anyone who loves dancing but hates the idea of doing standard cardio at the gym, Zumba is most definitely for you. Zumba is an intense sport but one which can be amazing to try with your friends and can be a real laugh. You get to spend an hour dancing to tracks from all genres and it can be a hilarious way to spend your time if you are uncoordinated! It is definitely an intensive sport but a fun one nonetheless.


Roller Skating


If the ice isn’t really your thing, another fun option to try would be roller skating. Most leisure centres have a place for roller skating and if you start to get good at it you could join a roller derby team! It can be a great place to meet new people and make new friends in an active environment, plus if you do join a team you’ll get to choose your own nickname and outfit! And even if you don’t fancy all of the pressure, roller skating in your local park can be fun and refreshing.

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