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Reduction – A Diet Overview.

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Did you know there are only 4 types of diets?


Learn the history of weight loss diets

Plus an overview of 41 popular diets


This book will give you the 10,000 foot view of diets:






Examples from the book:

Did you know that if you fast during a full moon you could lose up to 6 lbs and improve your skin?




How about this one?


“You can eat what you want…you’ll really lose weight…it tastes good.” “No more starving…no more counting Calories…no more hunger pangs.”


None sense


This book gives summaries of some of the crazier diets I’ve heard of, but also the sane, sensible and rational diets. Most of the diets in this book are safe and reasonable and will work if followed.


But so will eating less and doing more.


What most people want is guidance – and that is OK.


As long as it is sensible.


There is no magic potion.


Many of the weight loss techniques discussed in this book are trying to meet the demand for a magic potion. 


This book is not intended to:

Review diets

Recommend diets, or

Discourage you from using any of these diets.


This book IS intended to help you make an educated decision
when and if you decide to follow a reducing diet.


It is also entertaining.


Download Reduction now for only $2.97



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