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indoor or outdoor training

Who Has The Better Workout: The Gym Bunny Or The Outdoor Fiend?

Every person who enjoys partaking in a little bit of exercise now and then has a workout routine that they swear by. It could be the traditional weights [...]

Stretching For Stress: Could Exercise Be The Tonic For You?

Do you ever have those days when it feels like everything goes wrong from the moment your alarm doesn’t go off or you miss the bus or train by a millisecond? [...]

Should You Get Fit When You’re Sick

  This question often arises when your active lifestyle and a fixed schedule of training is being broken by an illness. Unfortunately, it happens, [...]
winter workout

Winter Workout Motivation Tips

Motivating yourself to work out is the biggest hurdle that most people face when they’re trying to get fit. In the summer, it isn’t so bad. It’s quite [...]

The 5 Best Exercises to Relieve Anxiety and Depression

Mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety can be very difficult to deal with, especially when accompanied by symptoms of fatigue, insomnia [...]

The Unbelievable Life Benefits Of Regular Exercise

I know there are plenty of people out there that see fitness in the wrong way. They think it’s more of a body image thing than anything else. You get fit, so [...]
burn 500 calories

Fitness Classes That Will Help You Burn More Than 500 Calories

Here’s a nice infographic to show you just a selection of group exercise classes out there that will give you the burn you want! Each one of the classes [...]
Tea Infusions gut health

Tea Infusions that are Good for Digestion and Gut

During an era marked by scientific studies of foods and drinks that harm human health, one of the few exceptions seems to be a classic drink: tea. Reported [...]

8 Tips to Stay Healthy While Travelling [Infographic]

A week or two in the sun should not ruin an entire year of dedicated healthy eating and regular workouts, but it so often does. Holidaying often not only plays [...]

Get Stuck In Instead Of Skipping The Gym

  The world of health and fitness can be an incredibly challenging one for a lot of people. With work, school, and loads of other commitments in [...]
fitness regimen

Is It Time You Revamped Your Fitness Regimen?

Have you hit a wall with your workouts? Has your weight plateaued or are you starting to find it increasingly tough to find the motivation to exercise? Does it [...]

3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Flexibility

You love nothing more than heading to the gym to challenge yourself. You want to lift the heavier weight, work up a sweat on the treadmill or embark on a five [...]

Don’t Let The Skinny Epidemic Get You

When a Danish beauty group conducted a survey of several thousand models working with world-famous agencies, they expected to find a high proportion of women [...]

The Need-To-Knows Of Weight Training

  Knowing where to start with weight training is no mean feat. There are experts out there who will be able to guide you specifically along the [...]

3 Things To Eat To Aid Your Exercise

  Exercising goes hand in hand with diet. It doesn’t matter how hard you train and try, if you’re not eating right you will never be able to [...]

Exercising With No Time!

It's something that's been covered numerous times before, but is it actually possible to not just exercise when you have a family at home taking up every [...]
get off the snack wagon

Get Off The Snack Wagon

There are plenty of great ways to improve your fitness. Many of them are tough to fit into a busy lifestyle. You find you have to time your meals around them [...]

Add Every Missed Hour Of Sleep To The List Of Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

    If I had a dollar for every pound I lost and gained back, well, I’d be writing this from a far nicer couch. The truth is, many of us [...]

Time Is Precious: Working Out When You Work Lots

  It's a common problem that everybody has to face at some point, whether to go to the gym or stay at home. And so, most of us would rather stay at [...]
go with your gut

When It Comes To Diet, Go With Your Gut

    When it comes to your diet, there’s one part of the body that is instrumental in making sure you get the kind of nutritional impact [...]