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make the world your gym

The Great Outdoors: Make The World Your Gym

The one thing that is most common about all gyms around the world is the expense. People who want to get fit and train have to pay for the privilege, and when [...]
Make your exercise more effective

Make Your Exercise Routine More Effective

Is it time for you to make changes to your exercise routine? It’s so easy to get into a comfortable way of doing things, but getting comfortable is rarely a [...]
Great ways to keep fit at home

Great Ways To Keep Fit At Home

We all know that there are thousands of things you can do to keep fit out and about, but when you want to stay home and still achieve those same goals, your [...]

Why Looking The Part Is An Important Facet Of Fitness

If you are looking to get into shape, you might be surprised by just how much there is to consider in the early days of doing so. One of the biggest is that [...]

Sweet Drink Comparison Infographic

Sugar is the new smoking. Sugar is everywhere. Many say it is responsible for the obesity epidemic. Others want to segregate the different types of sugar [...]

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

For one reason or another, the idea of getting involved in team sports or groups has fallen away over recent years. Maybe people don’t have the [...]

Why Coconut Oil Is Good For Health

There are many natural oils which are extremely good for the health if they are used in moderation. Coconut is one such oil that has stood the test of time. It [...]

Can You Really Tone Your Muscles with a Bike?

Cycling is not just about spiritual fulfilment ladies, although it is a way for many to become happier and more positive in their daily lives. It is also about [...]
body blast

Body Blast: The Benefits Of An All-In-One Workout

  Being able to slip to the gym after each day at work, carrying out your goals, and working as hard as you can on your body are often only dreams [...]

Struggling to stick to your New Year’s goals? 5 ways to make sure you achieve your goals

Whether you are a person that sets resolutions or goals for the new year, we all have things that we might want to change or improve as the year goes on. When [...]
turbo charge your fitness

Turbo Charge Your Fitness In 2018 With These New Trends

  Shake off those winter blues and get going with a brand new training regime for 2018. Perhaps you’ve found your current workout is becoming a [...]
swimming best exercise

Swimming could be the Best Exercise for Everyone

Swimming is a guaranteed to be one of the most rigorous and overall fitness workouts that provide lots of benefits to people. A lot can be said about its [...]

Exercise To Keep Your Brain Healthy

I don’t need to tell you that exercise is great for your body. It helps keep your heart in good health, fights weight gain and combats all manner of health [...]
you need for a successful workout

3 Things You Need To Success In Your Fitness Goals

A lot of us make that mistake. You know the one. The one where we don’t classify ourselves at ‘that’ kind of person. My diet failed because I’m [...]

How To Keep Warm Cycling In The Winter

The free feeling that comes from speeding along on a bike with the wind blowing on your face becomes far less comfortable as the temperatures outside [...]
shake up your workout

Shake Up Your Workout Routine

  All the hard work that goes into developing a workout routine that is beneficial and that you enjoy can one day suddenly feel like a waste. Not [...]

5 Undeniable Reasons Everyone Should Adore Cycling

Cycling is great for individuals ranging from beginner to expert and offers many health benefits, making it an ideal workout. Unlike other cardio activities [...]
home fitness

Can You Turn 30 Mins Into Effective Home Fitness?

It’s that time of the year again: The weather is cold and gray outside, and the sun goes down so early that it’s night as soon as you leave the office. [...]
winter workouts

Winning at Winter Workouts: Motivation Top Tips

Motivation comes in many forms.  Whether it’s ditching the homemade salads in favour of less nutritious options or skipping a run to go on a Netflix [...]
Physical and Emotional Healing Through Fitness

Physical and Emotional Healing Through Fitness

  The world seems to be heading towards a future of societal polarization, as evidenced by the increasing conflicts between individuals, fractions, [...]