Why Looking The Part Is An Important Facet Of Fitness

If you are looking to get into shape, you might be surprised by just how much there is to consider in the early days of doing so. One of the biggest is that [...]

Post Title: Unique Cardio: 4 Fun Workouts To Burn Your Weight Away

There is nothing more boring than pounding the treadmill over and over at the gym. The same routines can get so tedious that it’s no wonder that people give [...]

Boost Your Weight Loss With These Quick And Easy Tips

Intro Effortless weight loss is the ultimate conundrum of our era. Because of this, the diet industry is wildly profitable and monetarily successful. However, [...]

Exercise Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

  If you are on a mission to get fit yet you are not seeing the results you had hoped for, it could be because you are making some critical [...]

3 Things To Cut Out To Improve Your Diet

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Getting Your Day Off To A Flying Start

Getting Your Day Off To A Flying Start

Why is it that so many of us have a hatred of the morning time? After all, this is a brand new day, full of possibilities, and what isn’t exciting about [...]
Five Simple Exercises that Develop Strength and Agility for Sports

Five Simple Exercises that Develop Strength and Agility for Sports

While professional athletes sure make it look easy on whatever court they play on, competing in individual sports, such as tennis, demands more power, speed, [...]
don't hurt yourself

Don’t Hurt Yourself! Three Exercises You Might Be Doing Totally Wrong

Do you ever feel like you've hit a wall in your workout? As if you're working as hard as you can and it just doesn't seem to be having any effect at all? [...]
exercise mistakes

Terrible Mistakes People Make When Their Gym Routine Isn’t Getting The Results They Want

Source It hurts - but it's worth it. Sometimes when you have a gym session scheduled, you don't want to go. But you drag yourself out into the cold. It's [...]

Can Active Wear Really Improve Your Fitness Performance?

  Head down to your local gym on any given day and you will see a lot of people wearing fancy, high tech clothing that looks like it cost a [...]

Treating Plantar Fasciitis

As a sport or activity, running is really pretty basic. For the most part, it doesn't necessitate a ton of equipment or gear, nor does it require years of [...]
how to take blood pressure

How To Take Your Blood Pressure

 How Do I Take My Blood Pressure? If you want to maintain optimal health, knowing your numbers is vital. Hypertension is known as the "silent [...]
effects of high blood pressure

What are the Effects of High Blood Pressure?

What Is High Blood Pressure? Your blood pressure can be too high or too low. The more serious and more common problem is high blood pressure (HBP), [...]
healthy eating for kids | Live Fit

Healthy Eating for Kids – Start When They’re Young

As a personal trainer I have heard this many times: “I only have junk food in the house for my kids” Childhood obesity has reached pandemic [...]
Fed Up Challenge | Live Fit Lean

Fed Up Challenge – Sugar Free for 10 Days

Join the Challenge Monday, June 8 for the Live Fit Fed Up (the movie) 10 Day Sugar Free Challenge. Can you go 10 days without sugar? Have you Seen [...]
emotional eating | Live Fit Lean

Emotional Eating – Do You Eat for Emotional Reasons or Nutrition?

What is Emotional Eating? Emotional eating is the practice of eating when not hungry or eating based on or to enhance or soothe an emotion. It may involve [...]
High Blood Pressure | Live Fit

What Is High Blood Pressure and How Is It Treated?

What Is Blood Pressure? Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood against the walls of the arteries (blood vessels). High Blood Pressure, or Hypertension, [...]
How to motivate yourself

Motivate Yourself (and Others)

How to Motivate Yourself and Others for Better Health and Fitness Motivation comes in many forms. What works for one, may not work for another. Understanding [...]
diabetes explianed

Diabetes Explained: The What, Why, & How

Diabetes explained is quite simple - it is a physical disorder where the cells in the body are not receiving glucose (the fuel the cells need for energy). The [...]
Candida Albicans

The Truth about Candida Overgrowth and how To Treat It

Guest Post by Mary Vance, NC Is this you? If you have candida overgrowth, you will experience one (or more) of these signs and symptoms. Powerful sugar [...]