Bored Of The Gym? Try These Options To Kickstart Your Fitness Regime

We all know that being more active is part of a healthy lifestyle, and yet, many of us can often get a little bored of heading to the gym. Walking on a treadmill or riding the exercise bike. So it could be that while you want to get fitter and more active, you are just simple bored of the gym. It is understandable. So here are some of the fun options you could try that may help you kickstart your fitness regime.

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Yoga is a very mindful way to exercise, and it can be an excellent alternative to the gym. There are some great classes you can do, either at your gym or searched out locally. While it may not be a cardio workout, it can be a great way to mix up your exercise routines. Yoga uses an element of meditation, as well as stretching out your body. Enabling you to exercise your whole body.


Many people love to dance, and so using it as a way of working out could be just the ticket to reignite your love with exercise. Zumba is especially popular when it comes to dance workouts and it can be a lot of fun. The cardio element is high and the level of intensity within the class can vary. You don’t need to be a great mover, just as long as you are willing to give it a go. There are other dance type workouts available such as pound, where you use sticks to a rhythm and routine.


This is definitely a popular way to exercise and uses it high intensity intervals trainings (HIIT) as a way to exercise your whole body. You can do classes or you can find your own workout videos online. They can vary in time, but normally a twenty to thirty minute session is suffice as it is a high intensity workout. You use your whole body, and do things such as squats, sit ups and running up and down on the spot. Find one online now and see for yourself. Many of us will be able to spare twenty minutes a few times a week.

Personal trainer

Maybe your problem with the gym isn’t the actual gym, but more to do with not knowing what sort of exercises to do. This is when a personal trainer can really help you out. You can look to Start finding a Personal Trainer in your area, and it could be revolutionary to your gym sessions. A PT instruction will know what your goals are, and will be able to suggest a programme that will allow you to start seeing results.

YouTube or apps

The next thing to think about would be to use YouTube or apps to help you stay motivated. YouTube is full of different workouts that you can do, that are designed to help you achieve different things. From HIIT to dance workouts you are bound to find something that you want to do, and the best news is that you can do it at home. The next thing to think about would be apps to help you stay motivated. You can get specific apps for helping you to run distances such as 5k or 10k, for example. They can be a great motivator.


Waking is actually a great way to exercise and to encourage you to be more active. Making a promise to be active and walk for thirty minutes each day can be just what you need to help gradually increase your fitness levels. It can also work wonders for your mindset, so if you are conscious that exercise can help with things like anxiety and depression then this is a great way to start. You could walk your dog, park further away or walk to work, or even just meet up with friends for a walk during the day. Do what you can to make it happen and start seeing positive results.


Finally, swimming is an all over body workout and a great option for you to consider. It can be a lot of fun, something that you do with friends, family or on your own. Swimming helps to work muscles in your body, without feeling like it is too strenuous. Definitely a great option to consider. Why not check out your local swimming pool and see when the next open swim is?

Let’s hope that this has encouraged you to kickstart your fitness regime and try alternatives to the gym workout.

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