Boost Your Workout With These Essential Items

athlete taking a breakWhen you’re deciding what to take to the gym or out on a workout, there are some obvious things you’ll need. The right clothes for exercising comfortably, a supportive pair of shoes and a water bottle go without saying. But there are so many other items that could make a big change to your workout. You’d be surprised by how taking just one small thing to the gym can have a huge impact on how pleasant your workout is or how well you perform. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on high-tech items, either. Take a look at these things that could improve your workouts from now on.


A Good Pair of Insoles


Choosing the right pair of shoes is only the first step if you want to be kind to your feet during your workout. Even if your shoes fit well, they won’t always support your feet properly. You might also need a good pair of insoles to cushion and stimulate your feet in the right places. A set of Biopods can help to give your feet what they need so that you can achieve more with your workout. Cushioning your feet can remove all kinds of pain and transform your workout.


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Phone Armband


Just because you’re working out, it doesn’t mean you want to leave your phone behind. In fact, you probably want it on your person so that you can listen to music. If you’re not sure what to do with your phone, an armband can be a good choice to keep it on you and stop it from moving around. If you don’t like armbands, you can now find some workout clothes made with smartphones in mind. They have snug pockets for your phone.


Wireless Headphones


As well as being able to hold onto your phone, you’ll want to be able to listen to music as you workout. If you’ve been using wired headphones, they can get pretty annoying. To avoid having the wire whack you as you workout or accidentally pulling your headphones off, try a wireless pair. Bluetooth headphones don’t have to cost a lot and can make your workout more enjoyable.


Tripod for Your Phone/Camera


Do you want to see what you’re doing when you work out so that you can improve on it later? Recording yourself is a great way to do it, but for that you need somewhere to put your phone or camera. Fortunately, a small tripod is easy to take anywhere. Some can be clipped to equipment or have bendy legs that you can wrap around something.


weight plate


A Pair of Shades


If you’re exercising outdoors, you don’t want the sun to get in your eyes. Not only do you need to see where you’re going, but you should protect your eyes too. Don’t forget a pair of shades on sunny days, and choose a pair with a non-slip bridge that fit close to your face. Otherwise, they’ll start to slide down as you work out.


Boost your workout with these small changes, and you might end up seeing big results.

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