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Ep 138 with Jon O'Keeffe

138 How Cookies Transformed My Life

Jon O'Keefe was unhappy, stressed out, gaining weight, felt bloated and doughy - and didn't really realize it. Then he hit rock bottom when half of his [...]
connecting with others for wellness

The Power Of Connecting With Others During A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy living, while resoundingly worth it, isn’t the easiest thing you can do. Making the right choices can become your new normal and feel like a [...]
Episode 137

137 Is CBD Right for You?

CBD is the rage lately with claim of helping everything from pain to Alzheimer's disease. Does it really work and, if so, is it right for you? Jay [...]
uses for medical marijuana

7 Lesser Known Uses of Medical Cannabis

While marijuana has been used for centuries as a treatment therapy in ancient medicine, its healing benefits for modern-day ailments have only recently [...]
Episode 136

136 Your Longevity Blueprint

Dr. Stephanie Gray, is a nurse practitioner with an expertise within integrative, anti-aging, and functional medicine. Maintaining your health is a [...]
fun sports to try

Fun Sports To Try In The New Year

Now that the end of the year is close by and we are looking for new ways to spend our time after Christmas is over, there might be a few ideas to cross [...]
diseases being treated by marijuana

7 Diseases that are Being Treated with Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has recently garnered the attention of scientists and physicians around the world for its potential to treat several chronic diseases and [...]
healthy habits for children

How to Develop Healthy Lifestyle Habits in Your Children

People learn new things and adopt habits throughout their lives, but let’s face it, the most things we have learned so far was in our childhood. These [...]
Never Binge Again

135 Be A Never Binge Again Coach

Learn and earn. Help yourself and help others break free from binge eating and other [...]