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6 Anti-Aging Tips You Can Apply To Keep Your Brain Young and Sharp

As you age, your physical state is not the only thing that changes. As it happens, your brain ages too. This why its functions and capacities are not as sharp [...]
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How healthy lifestyle habits may increase your lifespan by a decade

Americans have a shorter life expectancy than most other developed economies, and according to experts, this has more to do with lifestyle than anything else. [...]
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How CBD Can Improve Your Sex Life?

Are you wondering if your sex life can get a boost? Yes, CBD has the potential to improve your sex life and to use the product before engaging in sex can [...]
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Should You Get Fit When You’re Sick?

This question often arises when your active lifestyle and a fixed schedule of training is being broken by an illness. Unfortunately, it happens, and no one is [...]
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Best Ways to Boost Mental Health and General Wellness

It’s striking that 1 in 5 people are reported to experience ill-mental health in their lifetime. While when we’re physically ill we take time off from [...]
CBD for back pain.

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Back Pain and Other Medical Issues

CBD oil is an extract of cannabidiol a marijuana extract that does not have psychoactive properties. Its lack of addictiveness makes it a viable option [...]
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A Few Solutions to Insomnia

Insomnia is popularly described as an inability to fall asleep when you want to. However, insomnia can take a variety of forms, and there are even more [...]
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Bored Of The Gym? Try These Options To Kickstart Your Fitness Regime

We all know that being more active is part of a healthy lifestyle, and yet, many of us can often get a little bored of heading to the gym. Walking on a [...]
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What is the difference between indoor and outdoor activities?

There are a lot of activities you can enjoy and all of them can be split up into two large groups - indoor and outdoor ones. Actually, it isn't difficult [...]